The Making of an Anthology: 5 Secrets to Compiling an Award-Winning AnthologyThe Making of an Anthology: 5 Secrets to Compiling an Award-Winning Anthology

Do you desire to combine your message with those of like-minded writers? Are you a serial contributor who’s ready to compile an anthology? Having compiled and published three bestselling anthologies, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman understands that collaborating with multiple writers requires strategic planning and organization. She exposes her secrets to guide you to structure and manage a successful anthology so you—and your contributors—make money.

About Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

Bestselling author and award-winning publisher, Valerie J. Lewis Coleman serves professional speakers and experts to magnify and monetize their message by publishing quality books. With over fifteen years of experience in the book business, she has helped thousands of aspiring authors navigate the challenges of self-publishing. This expert divulges industry secrets on avoiding the top five mistakes made by 95% of new authors, pricing your book to sell and identifying shady publishers. Valerie co-founded Dayton Book Expo—the region’s premier book event—connecting over 600 authors to avid readers since its inception. Her dynamic presentation and knowledge of the business takes writers from pen to paper to published as they master self-publishing to make money!

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