Tony DiCostanzo – Profitable Bulk Book Sales

Want to drive more bulk sales? Discover the importance of identifying your niche audience, leverage your network and positioning yourself as a thought leader. We’ll also share how successful authors are increasing the lifespan of their book by generating regular repeat orders and provide a deeper look into reporting sales and the logistics of bulk.

Two themes have defined Tony DiCostanzo’s life as a person and business owner—curiosity and growth. As a young boy in Alaska, books fueled Tony’s curiosity for the world. In business, Tony’s passion for continuous growth resulted in becoming the founder of several successful companies, including BookPal where he now serves as President. His company’s mission is based on the belief that books have the unique power to transform people and organizations to become their best. BookPal is the leading e-commerce provider of books to Fortune 500s, school districts, not-for-profits, government and other organizations that seek connections to the right ideas for learning and growth.

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