testimonials - nonfiction writers conference attendeesWe LOVE our attendees! So many of you return year after year. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback!

“This is the third NFWC event I’ve attended, and I’ve found all of them to be worthwhile and informative!”
– Kyle Ball, “Altared: A Tale of Renovating a Medieval Church in Tuscany”, www.kyletackwellball.com

“This was the best conference I have ever attended. It was a goldmine of valuable information from experts in their fields. I learned so much and have already updated my website as I learned today.”
– Helen Edwards, author of Dutchy’s Diaries: Life as a Canadian Naval Officer, in his own Words, 1916-1929. https://dutchysdiaries.ca/

“The Fall 2021 Nonfiction Writers Conference was the first I had attended. It was packed with useful information! I particularly appreciated the ask-the-pro session with publicity coach, Joanne McCall, who gave me some great tips. And I was lucky to be chosen to pitch my next book idea to a panel of agents! Thank you, NFWC, for a terrific, information-packed, conference.”
– Maria Leonard Olsen, author of “50 After 50: Reframing the Next Chapter of Your Life.” www.MariaLeonardOlsen.com

“The NFWC is thoughtfully coordinated and facilitated. I appreciate that it is not an ALL DAY event. I can easily attend the conference, and not worry about staying caught up with my work. This is a real concern for solopreneurs.”
– Margaret Meloni, author of Sitting with Death: Buddhist Insights to Help You Face Your Fears and Live a Peaceful Life, www.margaretmeloni.com

“This was my first NFWC, and I got so much value! I will definitely attend every year. I’ve been attending and volunteering at the Willamette Writers Conference for about 20 years and loved the energy, but it had a strong leaning toward film and fiction. NFWC was so smoothly executed–I’m sure it’s because you have so much experience with virtual conferences and are not scrambling to switch over due to Covid. Well done, highest marks across the board! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “
– Wendela Whitcomb Marsh

“This was my very first conference. Even though my book has been selling, I could see It wasn’t getting the traction it needed. I LEARNED SO MUCH from this conference. I now see paths and avenues for me not only to market my book but to gain traction in building my brand as a Senior Influencer.”
– Eleanor Vale Author of Secrets of Dating and Mating After Medicare
Website: www.RESETMYCLOCK.com Instagram: seniorinfluencereleanor

“This is my second NFWC conference and I feel the same about both, GREAT! The best useful conference I have ever attended. I was not able to be live for all the speakers, I look forward to the recordings.” – Anonymous

“NFAA produces a great NF writers’ conference. This is the second one I’ve attended and they’ve been practical, entertaining, inspirational and packed full of helpful information.”
– Sheryl A, Stradling Faith, Power, Joy: Spiritual Guidance from 5 Generations of Remarkable Women https://sherylstradling.com/

“Stephanie Chandler has done it again! This conference provided the best book-marketing information I have ever seen. Thank you all!”
– Mary Campbell Gallagher, President International Coalition for the Preservation of Paris, Our book is Paris Without Skyscrapers, SaveParis.org

“The sessions I attended at the NFWC were excellent. They provided helpful step by step information how to work on book promotion. I came away not only with pages of notes, but with immediate steps I can take to help boost visibility for my recent memoir Api’s Berlin Diaries: My Quest to understand my Grandfather’s Nazi Past (She Writes Press, Sept. 2020). I recommend the conference to any author of hybrid or self-published books.”
– Gabrielle Robinson https://www.gabriellerobinson.com/

“I am a first-time author and my launch was the week following the conference. So NFWC served as a great way to see if there were additional things I needed to do to have a more effective launch. It must have worked. In my second day of sales, I am #2 best seller in one category and #3 in a second category.”
– Richard Haiduck

“This was a very informative conference and well worth the time to attend. All the speakers were professional and brought their “A” games with both their visuals and materials offered. Highly recommended.”
– Kyle Tackwell Ball, Altared: A Tale of Renovating a Medieval Church in Tuscany, www.kyletackwellball.com

“I learned actionable steps from each one of the NFWC Fall 2020 Zoom conference speakers on how to market my just-published, non-fiction book. Each speakers’ handouts were great, but I also took notes on those things that I knew I could, and would, do. There was so much value in this conference at this time in my writing career. Well worth my time, energy and the conference fee. I’ll be back for more!
– Lorrie Webb Grillo

These conferences just keep getting better and better. I don’t know how you source your speakers, but keep it up. SO much value packed into two days, it’s just unbelievable. Thank you!”
– Mary Shafer, Metal Detecting for Beginners: 101 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started

“This conference was chock full of extremely useful and actionable information, across a wide variety of topics. Loved the pre-conference private sessions with the pros, as well as the Q&A after each session. I wish I had had this info before publishing my first book! But it will definitely help with the next one…”
– Carey Parker “Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons” https://firewallsdontstopdragons.com/

“As always, Stephanie Chandler did a fantastic job putting together a deep and varied bench of presenters to appeal to attendees at every level of nonfiction authorship and publishing. Ten years in, she continues to show the kind of vision and pioneering spirit that made her one of the first to leverage the virtual meeting space in service to her clients. Thanks for another of the best investments I make in my career as a nonfiction author.”
– Mary Shafer, “Road Magic: Life As A Fulltime Nomad,” maryshafer.com

“As a non-fiction writer, I was always frustrated spending money on a conference, including hotel, travel and food, to have 2 or 3 of the classes apply to me. NFWC focuses 100% on non-fiction writers, the cost is affordable, and there are no travel or other expenses. I strongly suggest you purchase at least the level that includes the recordings–you’ll want to listen to them over and over again with all the jam-packed info! Love this conference!
– Pamala J Vincent, DareToBeABadass.com

I never thought it possible to learn so much in just 3 days. I feel like I just got a Master’s Degree in publishing and marketing.”
– Sherry Rhodes, author of The Parent’s Complete Guide. sherryrhodes.com

“Stephanie Chandler delivers a well-run, professional conference that is my favorite writers conference. It is so full of practical advice and take-aways, you will have to prioritize your action items after the event!:
– Lucinda Jackson, Just a Girl: Growing Up Female and Ambitious, www.lucindajackson.com

The 2020 NFWC provided many tools that are essential to being a successful, published non-fiction author. I am currently working with a Small Press to publish my first book, “Torah Scroll Column Reference Guide”, and have many additional resources as a result of participating in this conference. Stephanie, thank you so much for your commitment to supporting non-fiction authors.”
– Patricia Reed Kliman – www.ahavativrit.com

For the nonfiction writer, joining NFAA is a must do, especially if you are self-publishing. I can’t imagine trying to do this without the resources it offers. I have just upped my membership to VIP because NFAA is that important to my work. Sign up at whatever level of the tribe that you can afford, and do it today!”
– Marcia Ledford

“I left the NFWC with new tools and motivations to be more effective and profitable as a writer. Even the sessions that I didn’t think were germane to me, surprised me with applicable content. Thank-you for creating a community where it feels like we all want to help the other succeed.”
– Amy Lou Jenkins author, Corners: Voices on Change, JackWalkerPress.com.

“I am in the process of writing my second book and this conference could not have come at a better time for me. I took pages of notes and downloaded the free materials provided by this collection of amazing talent. I did not have these resources with my first book and looking for bigger and better things from my second offering. A heartfelt thanks to all the speakers for sharing and to Stephanie Chandler for offering this tremendous venue! #extremelygrateful”
– Don Polley author of “I Am Not An Anachronism.” Website donpolley.com

“Stephanie was ahead of her time offering a virtual conference with great content every year. I’ve been going to writer’s conferences, including NFAA, for years, and I always learn something.”
– Cornelia Gamlem, The Big Book of HR, www.bigbookofhr.com

“I’m a first time attendee to the NFWC conference and I thought the virtual presentation for it was outstanding. I don’t know that I would have ever attended in person going in cold, but now I’m warmed up and would try to make it in person if I’m able.”
– Conni Eckstein

Another fabulous Nonfiction Writers Conference! What a tremendous amount of impactful information from industry experts. The valuable tips help me reach more readers in an authentic and productive way.”
– Steve Friedman Blogging weekly at www.BeyondIntroversion.com and author of In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Struggle with Addictive Behaviors

“This was my first Nonfiction Writers Conference. I was wondering if I would make it through three days of sitting in front of the computer, but it was wonderful! The speakers all had great backgrounds and presented a variety of relevant topics. A few of them hit on things I was planning to do or need to improve on right now, and that was immeasurably helpful. All in all a great conference. Very helpful to have recordings of the sessions and downloadable handouts too. Kudos to Stephanie Chandler for accommodating us nonfiction writers. I felt as if I were home!”
– Arlene Miller, The Grammar Diva Author of “The Best Little Grammar Book” series www.TheGrammarDiva.com

“The conference is valuable not only for nonfiction but also fiction writers such as myself in that so many of the sessions focus on helping us market our work.”
– June Gillam, author of the Hillary Broome Crime Novels, www.junegillam.com

NFWC 2019 was AWESOME! The conference was full of great information for new and experienced author alike. Speakers were very well prepared and quite engaging. The webinar format was warm and seamless. Such great insight and motivation. I can’t wait for NFWC 2020!
– Steve Friedman

“Wow! So much detailed, truly helpful information from a variety of sources. It’s hard to imagine [what an online conference will be like] before it is experienced.”
Marcia Ehinger

If you haven’t attended the Nonfiction Writers Conference, you need to! It’s like getting 3 days of personal consulting. Here’s what I love about it:

  • Stephanie Chandler—she keeps the conference moving with her lively and fun commentary, it’s a blast!
  • Excellent speakers with practical take-aways—I left the conference this year with 15 super helpful action items
  • Wide array of topics from big picture strategy of authorship to the nitty gritty of marketing and websites
  • Attendees own Facebook page so we get acquainted, lots of networking opportunities
  • Format—it’s by webinar, no travel! We use Zoom and it works great with live Q&A that gives you a close connection with each speaker. You get all your questions answered!”

– Lucinda Jackson, author of Just a Girl: Growing Up Female and Ambitious

I greatly enjoyed and learned a lot from attending my first Nonfiction Writers Conference. It was very convenient to have a webinar format (with recordings of sessions for those I missed joining live). I found many topics of interest in the presentations, and the speakers all provided very helpful information. I plan to attend again. Many thanks to the organizers!”
– Roseanne Chambers

“I just joined the Nonfiction Authors Association and attended my first conference. I received so much valuable information and I’m so excited to apply what I’ve learned. THANK YOU!”
– Sheila Luck, author of “I Can With I AM” and more. Check it out at www.sheilaluck.com

“The NFWC is an excellently produced online conference offering insights from top book professionals. I was pleasantly surprised with all that I learned and how much I enjoyed it. I am mildly intimidated with the length of my to-do list as a result of how much I learned.”
– Donna Mosher, Editor, DonnaMosher.com

“Conference organizers created a practical, diverse, and excellent experience. Extremely helpful. Will be back every year!
– CatherineStenzel Samurai, Monk, Black Belt 7

“This conference was a great start for me. It has set the bar really high for all other conferences.” – Anonymous

 From Our Private Attendees-Only Facebook Group:


“Being a part of the Non-Fiction Writer’s Conference has been a fantastic experience. The value of the information I received was top notch. It was also beneficial to have the conference presented in an online fashion. Not only did it save me time and money, but it also allowed me to implement the ideas and solutions from the convenient location of my office! This conference gives you access to leading experts in the industry on your schedule at a reasonable cost point.”
– Lee Holcomb, Lifestyle Lawyer, https://www.lifestyleforlawyers.com/

“The presentations were packed full of practical, monetizable writing ideas and “maps.” My eyes were opened to new worlds of online writing publications and resources that I’m confident will increase my income. The Ask-a-Pro sessions were worth the cost of admission alone! I received high-level, actionable feedback and advice for my books, speaking engagements, online courses, and website. The Nonfiction Writers Conference has set my writing business on a new trajectory!
– Lynn Hare, The Quest for Self-Forgiveness, www.lynnhare.com

What a joy to finally have a resource for workshops focused on non-fiction writing! Each speaker was not only motivating, but helpful, offering specific information about their area of expertise rather than just generalities. I finished with not only a lot to think about, but more important, a clear idea of where and how to get started on the next steps.”
– Gail Underwood Parker, It Happened in Maine, The Caring Heart Speaks, More Than Petticoats: Remarkable New Hampshire Women, Hospital Memoirs

It was awesome! So grateful for all the information shared and for the wonderful speakers, including connecting with different experts in the 15 minute private sessions. Came at exactly the right time in my book writing development.”
Miriam Racquel Feldman

“Attending the NFWC keeps me energized, focused and inspired to keep writing, publishing, and – a tough one for me – marketing, so I can more effectively share my message.”
– Merryl Hammond, PhD., Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country, www.merrylhammond.com

“I was eagerly anticipating the Spring NFWC this year and it didn’t disappoint. The lineup of speakers was impressive but the sheer amount of practical, insider strategies and suggestions made the price of entry a steal! Can’t wait for the Fall conference!”
– Susan J Mecca, PhD, author of The Gift of Crisis: Finding your best self in the worst of times. drsusanmecca.com

My 3rd year attending and NFWC continues to deliver excellent speakers and content. The information and handouts coupled with listening to the speakers gives any author an exceptional take-a-way to apply and succeed.”
Rosemary Augustine

I was very hesitant to pay for this kind of a conference, but I was super impressed and very much enjoyed the information that I gathered. Life got in my way a couple of times, but the conference was very beneficial. Thank you.”
– Beverly Stacy Dittmer, author of two Cancer books Breast Cancer: The Unplanned Journey – Lessons Learned and Bear and the “Big C”

“This was my 2nd Nonfiction Writers Conference through the NFAA, and I’ve been surprised time and again by the quality of the speakers and their content. You just can’t find this level of conference content for nonfiction writers. Stephanie and her guests are so generous with their knowledge and experience. If you’re ready to take the next logical step in developing yourself as a professional author, book your ticket to the next NFWC immediately.”
– Clay Morgan, ClayMorganOnline.com

Excellent conference! No travel, fair price, and most important: Valuable info for writers in all aspects of writing and the business of writing at all stages of their careers. This is not a bunch of people just peddling their own businesses and services under the guise of a writers’ conference. I also highly recommend the private ask-a-pro sessions.”
– Lori Shandle-Fox- laughingisconceivable.com – Laughing IS Conceivable

The best money I have spent investigating my future as a writer. I learned more in this conference than I could have hoped to learn on my own. This has been an invaluable experience with concrete, critical, and timely information.”
– Steve Thomas

“As a first-time attendee, I’m impressed with the level of knowledge and variety of topics covered in the conference. Thanks!”
– Linda Minor

The Nonfiction Writers Conference was worth every penny. The caliber and qualifications of the speakers was excellent, and I gained a lot of valuable information that I can use right now. I love that the sessions are recorded. This conference is a definite recommend! Thank you Stephanie Chandler for organizing a valuable event.”
– Katrina Shawver, HENRY: A Polish Swimmer’s True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America, katrinashawver.com

“I thoroughly enjoyed the 8th annual Nonfiction Writers Conference. It exceeded my expectations. The sessions covered so much valuable information. I especially appreciated the Ask-A-Pro sessions. Before this I didn’t realize how badly I needed a conference like this one. Now I know what I’ve been missing. Thank you!”
– Lucy Brummett

“I enjoyed and benefited greatly from the phone consultations. It was great information at the right time for me. I specifically enjoyed the sessions on “business” aspects. The best NFWC to date.”
– Craig B., attendee survey response

“The NFWC was great. High value content at a very affordable cost. I filled a notebook with great ideas that I can really use.”
– Patty Rayman, Author of “Humans Think. Animals Feel. Finding Common Ground Between You and Your Animal Companions” www.pattypetpsychic.com

This is a terrific event. You can pick and choose which presenters to listen to; ask questions; take notes. It’s a wealth of information.
– Larry Brummond, Beyond the Numbers: 5 Intangible Success Factors for Entrepreneurs (September 2018).

“NFWC conference was filled with great information and doing it virtually is a time and money saver. I highly recommend it.”
– Barbara Mitchell, co author of The Big Book of HR and The Manager’s Answer Book. www.bigbookofhr.com

“I am astounded with every conference put on by the NFAA. Each year seems to be more valuable than the last. The speakers are knowledgeable and amazing! The topics are relevant, timely and diverse. More, more, MORE!
– Renee Settle, The Swinging Rope Incident, www.reneesettle.com

“Great conference! Great speakers and super great info. A bargain for sure.
– Sandy R., attendee survey response

“All-in-all, an absolutely amazing experience. Worth every penny, and a whole lot more!
– Merryl Hammond PhD, “Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country” melindacochraneinternationalbooks.com/merryl-hammond-phd.html

Thank you so much for doing this. I have been to other conferences where I had to travel to get there and pay a whole bunch of money AND didn’t get out of it near what I did your conference! So…thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Anonymous survey response

“The Nonfiction Writers Conference exceeded my expectations from the Keynote with Seth Godin to the last afternoon with content rich presentations about kindle book sales and Social Media for authors. My notebook is full of actions to take. Bravo to Stephanie Chandler for understanding the needs of nonfiction authors.”
– Amy Lou Jenkins BSN MFA Author, Every Natural Fact: Five Seasons of Open-Air Parenting. Editor, www.JackWalkerPress.com

“Informative and indispensable for aspiring and established authors alike. I highly recommend this conference and am looking forward to next year.”
-AK Turner, New York Times bestselling author of the Vagabonding with Kids series. www.VagabondingwithKids.com

“I attended the annual NFWC and was my first introduction to them. I have to say, I was blown away!! The content was incredible class after class. I couldn’t believe all of the value I gained… I’ve paid far more for far less! I signed up to be a member immediately so I can stay plugged into this awesome community.”
– Heather Dalton – Life Coach www.heathercdalton.com

I didn’t realize the value until I took this conference. I’m blown away by the content. It’s an extraordinary value. Thank you SO much, Stephanie.”
– Gail H.

NFWC is the best investment I make each year in my nonfiction author career. The caliber and accessibility of the presenters is unusually high, the topics well chosen and diverse, and I can honestly say that at least half of the presentations would have been worth the cost of the whole conference alone.”
– Mary Shafer, Devastation on the Delaware, 55Flood.com

“Where else can you gain so much valuable information in so little time? I’ve attended Non-Fiction Writers Conference three years running and it has been well worth my time every year.
– Karyn J. Taylor, Editor: TWO STEPS FROM GLORY: A World War II Liaison Pilot Confronts Jim Crow and the Enemy in the South Pacific by Maj. Welton I. Taylor, Ph.D.

“Just over 6 months ago, while awaiting my proof from my publisher, I attended the Non-Fiction Writer’s Conference. I listened to all 15 hours and took lots of notes. I was left free of the characteristic overwhelm I used to feel when it comes to social media and self-promotion. I started out with a great, positive sense and a structured plan. NFWC got me over my social media allergy! After 12 years of toil, Psychology in the Light of the East came out on 30th January 2017. The internet is peppered with reviews, podcasts, interviews, a vlog series and more, and I am relaxed and aglow. The greatest proof is in the pudding… my book has consistently been in the top 20s and 30s in my genre on amazon.com for the entire week. Thank you for getting me ready and giving me confidence and structure to tackle the hurdle of book promo!  I look forward to next year’s conference and, yes, another book!
– Margot Borden, author, Psychology in the Light of the East (Rowman & Littlefield),  http://bit.ly/PsychologyintheLightoftheEastsoftcover

“The Non-Fiction Writers E-Conference is a wonderful event! I’ve attended many in-person writers conferences over the years at considerable expense. It was great to be able to be at home in my office and just participate in the sessions that most interested me — at a very reasonable cost!
– Doreen Pendgracs, Author of “Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate,” http://chocolatour.net

This conference was GREAT! You provided tremendous value at an affordable cost. I couldn’t be more delighted. This was the information I needed, at this exact time in order to take my book to the next level. I’ve attended about a half-dozen $550 writing conferences in person–fortunately very close to my home so I could commute and save hotel costs. Hands down, yours was the best! Thank you.”
– Rob Oberto

“Thanks to the quality and variety of speakers, this is one of the most valuable conferences I’ve attended—online or off.
—Candace Johnson, freelance editor, http://changeitupediting.com

“As a writer, I found the conference to be incredibly informative and inspirational. It helped me look at the writing and publishing process in new ways.” – Cathy Wall

“This was my first time attending. I was blown away by how much information is packed into this conference. Keep it up!” – Anonymous

“Amazing! The conference was well organized and filled with 15 amazing, credible, industry experts. My time was well spent and I learned more than I ever imagined. Thank you!”
– Barbara C.

“I had my doubts about paying money for a virtual conference conducted entirely by telephone, but I’m glad I signed up. Captivating speakers, combined with intelligent questions from listeners and Twitter chatter during the sessions, made this a truly engaging conference.
– Julia Goldstein https://jlfgoldstein.com

“It was mind expanding. As a newbie, I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.”
– Barbara C.

TOTALLY exceeded expectations, well worth the cost for me. Will be back next year. THANK YOU! Keep up the great work.”
– Larry Mandelberg, www.mandelberg.biz, ‘Businesses Don’t Fail…They Commit Suicide’

“The NFWC is just chock full of great and highly useful information for the nonfiction author. It validated the things I already knew and was already doing. Even more importantly, the new knowledge was invaluable in helping me fill any gaps in my plans and actions for connecting with my audience.”
– Shepherd Siegel, Disruptive Play: The Trickster in Politics and Culture, shepherdsiegel.com

The NFWC always delivers—tools, resources, and inspiration! It’s an incredible value. After the three-day conference, I feel energized and confident.”
– Laura Hedgecock, author of “Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life”

“This was a fabulous conference with excellent speakers who provided extensive information for us to use immediately, all while I enjoyed it from the comfort of my home. I’ve implemented some of the suggestions and already seeing results. Overall I would give this conference a 100 on a scale of 1-10. Thanks again.”
– Rosemary Augustine, Author/Publisher Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats www.ThankGodImaFeline.com

“When you think you’ve heard it all, and there’s little left to learn, NFWC delivers valuable new content that refreshes and inspires!
– Dr. Barbara B. Adams Rock the Difference: Solutions to the Diversity Crisis in Technology and Beyond http://www.drbarbadams.com

“This was my first teleseminar conference. I enjoyed it in the comfort of my home and sometimes in my car. It was very affordable, informative and resourceful. I learned a lot. Thanks!” – No name provided

“I’ve been actively involved in writing and publishing my self-help memoirs for over 10 years. I’ve taken courses, attended conferences and bought books. The 2014 Nonfiction Writers Conference was both a review of some of the best information I have learned and an introduction to new concepts that can be applies immediately. It has been a treasure chest of jewels! Missing the 2015 Nonfiction Writers Conference will be a big mistake for authors. Since our online world is changing so fast there are sure to be many new and exciting developments by then.”
– Marilyn Barnicke Belleghem M.Ed. Consultant, Author, Speaker, “Questing Marilyn: In Search Of My Holy Grail,” http://www.questpublishing.ca

The 2014 NFWC has fueled my passion to change the world through my writing. The knowledge, inspiration and self-confidence it bestowed is absolutely priceless!
– Nika Lynn, author of “LOSERS KEEPERS maintain your weight loss and break free from endless dieting,” www.nikalynn.com

I got ideas from people that I could put into effect immediately–not just any ideas, but ideas that sell books!”
– Burt Wilson, “Everything is Karma” available at Smashwords

“As a first time author, I learned exactly what I wanted to learn about how to make this into a real on-going business. As an older tech guy, this will be my next career!”
– Dave Meader, The Lean Volunteer, leanvolunteer.com

“I came away from this conference with lots of valuable, hands-on information. The agenda featured a nice mix of speakers who were both knowledgeable and good presenters. All in all, one of the best conferences I’ve attended (online or otherwise).
– Lynne Strang, author of “Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40,” www.latebloomingentrepreneurs.wordpress.com/

“I just finished writing my third book, which has been a very solitary process. Being part of the Non-Fiction Writers Conference was a great way to connect and learn from other authors. I enjoyed the ease and flexibility of this online conference and came away inspired by creative ideas and tools I received. I look forward to making this an annual event.
– Carol Delzer, author and attorney

This conference was worth the time and cost, whereas some are not always as satisfying. Keep up the good work.”
– Cassandra Martin, The “Multiple You” Universe: Sacred Science for the 21st Century,  multipleyouuniverse.wordpress.com, and God-in-action.org.

I have nothing but praise for the 2013 Non Fiction Writers Conference. Stephanie Chandler did a fantastic job coordinating the event and is a wonderful speaker in her own right. The conference provided me with so many great ideas that I am definitely excited to get busy implementing. Already looking forward to 2014!
– Elin Criswell, Creative Soap Making, www.TheCountrySoaper.com

“The Nonfiction Writers Conference is the best tool I have in my writer’s toolkit. I’ve attended for two years, and it has helped me navigate the complicated world of writing, publishing, marketing, and staying sane. The value of what I received exceeded the price I paid. Stephanie Chandler is a treasure; she understands what writers need and she delivers it with integrity and fun. To every nonfiction writer I say, ‘Sign up for this conference and pay for the audio recordings (and transcripts if you want). If you can’t attend, you can listen to the transcripts. You won’t be sorry.’”
– Lucinda K. Porter, Author of Free from Hepatitis C, www.lucindaporterrn.com

“This conference made the vision of my niche market perfectly clear. After Friday’s session, I was able to write a detailed outline of my next book and all the pieces fell into place. The Nonfiction Writer’s Conference is a ‘can’t miss’ for new authors.”
– Tim Rymel, author of “Everything I Learned About Management I Learned from Having a Kindergartner,” http://TimRymel.com

“The Nonfiction Writer’s Conference was the most customer-focused and content-rich seminar I’ve attended in years—with an excellent cross-section of topics and speakers. Great job coordinating all of this, Stephanie! Cheers!”
– Marsha Toy Engstrom The Book Club Cheerleader www.bookclubcheerleader.com

“This conference was amazing. It was everything I needed and it went beyond my expectations. I was wondering if I was on the right track and this conference was confirmation. Please attend next year because I will!”
– Tiffany E. Moore, www.purposeinyou.com

“Amazing! Enlightening! Crucial to authors – whether published already or just starting out. I thoroughly enjoyed learning SO MUCH from all of the dynamic and exceptional speakers and now feel I have a very strong idea of how to keep moving forward in my work as an author. ONE conference that EVERY AUTHOR needs to attend is the NFWC!! Thank you Stephanie and all involved for making my first conference one I will be ABSOLUTELY coming back to!”
– Susan L. Dascenzi, MSW, LCSW “Shattering the Illusions: A Practical Guide to Setting Your Mind Free,”  www.truevisionaries.com

“This my 2nd time attending the Non Fiction Writers Conference, and Stephanie Chandler did not disappoint. It was timely, informative, and loaded with industry professionals who were skilled, and knowledgeable helping self publishers further their journey. I highly recommended this conference to anyone who seeks to publish independently because attending this event brought in the professionals who made you feel like they could be departments of your organization.”
– Vicki Ward, Savvy, Sassy, and Bold After 50

“As a fledgling author and first-time attendee, I was overwhelmed with all the useful information presented. The format was convenient, the agenda was clear, and the speakers were all experts in their fields. This was well worth my time and money!
– Gwynnae Byrd Home Transitions, www.SacHomeTransitions.com

I was blown away by the content in the NFWC 2012! It broadened my understanding and clarified numerous questions about writing, publishing and speaking in the non-fiction world. I am putting my new knowledge into practice already and finding growth in my social media platform along with more focused writing in general. Bonus: the online conference brought authors and speakers into my own home. Most cost effective!”
– Sharon R Hoover, http://journalmissionalliving.wordpress.com

All writers, new and seasoned, should consider adding the Nonfiction Writer’s Conference to their “essential tool” list. After pen, paper, and a computer, add the “Nonfiction Writer’s Conference.” It was informative, fun, and translated into immediate practical tools.”
– Lucinda Porter, RN, author of Free from Hepatitis C, www.LucindaPorterRN.com

“The 2012 Nonfiction Writer’s Conference, hosted by Stephanie Chandler, was an outstanding three-day event! Each presenter revealed an incredible amount of the latest information pertinent to nonfiction writers and authors. I now have a notebook filled with their professional handouts and a stack of notes I’m also using day by day. In addition, I received downloaded recordings of each presentation, to review at my leisure. What’s more, I’m using this information to move forward with my website — yes, it’s now in development — to attract just the right publisher for my manuscript. Thank you so much, Stephanie, and all those who made the NFWC such a success!”
– Mandy Berlin, author Death Is Not ‘The End’: One Agnostic’s Journey On the Bumpy Road to Belief, http://mandymax.blogspot.com

THE BEST money I’ve spent on my book and writing EVER. (I talk about it here.)”
– Christine Stump, DIYoga and Yoga Basically come out as ebooks later this summer on YogaGuide.wordpress.com

“The Nonfiction Writers’ Conference presented an incredible amount of information by experienced writers, publishers and agents. I was overwhelmed by the amount of in-depth information presented and will be listening to the recordings again and again. Even with that said, I came away with several new ideas and action steps that I could take immediately to begin building my platform, focusing my content and reaching more people.Thank you, Stephanie for taking the time and effort to organize such an inspiring and informative event.”
– Sandy Dempsey, http://thedreamingcafe.com

“I was overwhelmingly impressed by the information given during the Non-fiction Writer’s Conference. I feel as if I’ve learned all of the insider’s secrets to the trade. Every speaker was easily accessible and very willing and eager to answer questions. I would highly recommend this conference to anyone…whether you are a new writer or if you’ve been in the business for a while and are seeking a refresher course.”
– Jennifer Tardy, MBA/PHR, Your Healthy Relationship Activist, www.jennifertardy.com, twitter: @jtardy26, Author of His Ingredient Label: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing a Junk Food Man

The conference is one of the best things I’ve done. Ever. I plan to use the processes and info to make a big difference in a high integrity way.”
– Allen Fahden, author Innovation on Demand, www.strongsuit.org

“This educational conference covered almost everything in three days. The flexibility of listening now and to the recorded shows later makes sure attendees can maximize the information provided by experts. Stephanie did a wonderful job starting and finishing each session on time, which allowed me to do my “day job” at the same time. Having that much access to industry leaders was worth more than the price charged.
– Bob Quinlan, Author of Earn It: Empower Yourself for Love, www.earnitbook.com

“A very comprehensive conference that covered the topics that any non-fiction writer should understand.”
– John Fielden, Author of Roll Sound! A Practical Guide for Location Audio, http://rollsoundbook.com

“Congratulations Stephanie on the success of the 2010 Non fiction Writers Conference. Each of the speakers you managed to bring together was awesome. There was so much information and knowledge jammed into each presentation– it was terrific. Your only challenge is how to improve upon it next year.”
– Andrew Rogerson, Author of Successfully Sell Your Business and three other titles, www.Andrew-Rogerson.com

“Stephanie Chandler’s conference is a virtual whirlwind of information targeted to both experienced writers as well as those preparing to launch. She has brought together dynamic speakers who showcase their respective specialties and share their insights, strategies and observations on the latest trends in the information age. Prepare to be wowed!
–  Jeanette LeBlanc, Ph.D.

“Herding cats – that’s the expression that comes to mind when I think of many conferences I’ve attended in forty years. Those conferences were in real time at a set location, so I felt a little queasy about doing a virtual conference. “Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.”* That’s the way Stephanie Chandler achieved a smashing success with her first Nonfiction Writers Conference last week. The speakers were clearly experts in their fields offering an incredible array of hands-on information. The sessions were on time. The directions were clear and they worked. And even when Dan Poynter, the keynote speaker, was unable to participate from South Africa where the Internet was down, Stephanie graciously and calmly directed the discussion to something interesting and important. Bravo Stephanie!”
– Sherie Labedis, Writer, Speaker, Teacher, www.SherrieLabedis.com

I am so impressed with the quality of the speakers, the content, the depth of info, and the resources they are sharing  – hearty congrats on this fabulous offering – it absolutely rocks!”
– Pattie Simone, Business Success Activist, Speaker, Writer, Consultant