On average, self-published authors sell less than 200 books. And if you are fortunate enough to get an advance from a traditional publisher, your royalties are typically between just 10-16% (up to 25% for some small publishing houses). Either way when you do the math, authors are not making a lot of money from book sales. Many authors supplement their income with a full-time job. Others dare to step into the world of entrepreneurship and become authorpreneurs. Authorpreneurs have figured out how to leverage their book to build a profitable business. Attendees will learn the five most popular and feasible ways to monetize their expertise with products and services that allow them to profit beyond their book.

Tai Goodwin is a vision midwife for women on a mission with a message. An intuitive business coach and marketing strategist, she is the creator of the Bankable Brilliance Archetypes and host of the Brilliant Business Girlfriends podcast. The author of, Girlfriend, It’s Your Time, Tai’s articles have been featured on Huffington Post, Forbes.com, Careerealism.com, and CAREER Magazine. Tai’s also been highlighted by Money Magazine, Black Enterprise, and The BOSS Network.

Before making the transition from employee to entrepreneur, Tai built a thriving career as an award-winning instructional designer. With thousands of hours leading virtual and live training sessions, her specialty was helping subject matter experts communicate and package their expertise. Now she uses the same skills that served her in the corporate world to help her clients turn their unique brilliance into services, products, and programs.

Visit TaiGoodwin.com to learn how she can help you discover and unleash your bankable brilliance.

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