Stephanie Chandler - Build a Profitable Online Store: Revenue Streams to Grow Your BusinessEarning a living from books alone is no easy undertaking, but your book can be part of a network of profit opportunities that you create around your area of expertise. In this content-rich presentation, Stephanie Chandler shares real-world examples and strategies for building an online store and adding lucrative revenue streams to your author-publisher business. You will learn how to:

  • Choose the types of products to sell from your store
  • Develop profitable information products
  • Choose an ecommerce solution to manage store transactions
  • Sell your books from your store
  • Handle shipping for physical products
  • Make money with affiliate sales
  • Repurpose your content for more value
  • Choose the best marketing strategies to drive traffic to your store

Building a profitable store can expand your revenue opportunities while also establishing you as a thought leader in your field. Don’t miss this powerful opportunity for nonfiction authors!

Stephanie Chandler is the author of several books including The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan and The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan. She is CEO of, a vibrant community for writers, and, events conducted entirely online since 2010. A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, and Wired magazine. Learn more:

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