Stacy Ennis - Finish that book! Writing Routines, Goal Setting, and Planning Your BookIn this highly practical course, ghostwriter and book coach Stacy Ennis will cover how to form a writing routine; protect your creative time; set writing goals; and calendar your book-writing process to encourage success. Attendees will receive a free download template of the key milestones in the book-writing process so they can put what they learn into action. This session will equip you to create a realistic plan to finish your book.

About Stacy Ennis

Words have power. As a writer, editor, book coach, and creative consultant, Stacy gets to use that power for good: helping people achieve their goals, share their stories, and spread their ideas. Her clients are thought leaders, celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, and “average” extraordinary people. She helps them translate their thoughts into writing.

As the former executive editor of Healthy Living Made Simple, a Sam’s Club magazine that reaches around 11 million people bimonthly, Stacy knows what it takes to create content that resonates with readers. She’s also been involved in the writing or editing of dozens of books, including her own book, The Editor’s Eye.

Stacy has a master’s in professional writing and editing from the University of Cincinnati and a bachelor’s in writing from Boise State University. She lives in Eagle, Idaho, with her husband and two children. Learn more at

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