Once you have your book is on Amazon, you need to be sure to optimize your presence so it doesn’t get lost in a sea of other titles! This presentation will go through how to fine-tune your Roseanne Chengauthor profile and blurbs, update your keywords and phrases to fit with current events, and tips for gaining reviews and how to participate in global markets.

Roseanne Cheng is the author of four books, including Buzz: The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing. She has worked with hundreds of authors to help them build sustainable campaigns for their books as Marketing Director at Wise Ink Creative Publishing and as co-founder of Evergreen Authors an online school teaching writers the business side of creative work.

Josie Robinson has taught authors of every genre how to use Amazon Advertising to grow their audience and sell more books in her online course Algorithm Alchemy. Josie is passionate about helping authors get off the book marketing hamster wheel so that they can have more time to do the things they actually enjoy doing, instead of spending any more time on marketing efforts that just don’t work. She is the co-founder of Evergreen Authors, a supportive online community that empowers every author to market their book in a simple and authentic way, and to successfully and sustainably build their business.

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