Audio book sales are the fastest growing format in book publishing, climbing 38% in 2016. The availability of audio books on smartphones, in smart cars, and through new devices such as Amazon’s Echo are dramatically increasing listening. Discover why there has never been a better time to produce your book in audio format.

The presentation will include:

  • Whether you should hire a narrator or voice your own audio book
  • Audiobook publishing options through Amazon and beyond
  • Ways to reduce the cost of creating an audiobook
  • How to bring books back to life as audio books
  • Strategies to promote and market your audio book
  • Some secrets of audio book narrators

Richard Rieman is an award-winning audio book self-publishing consultant, narrator, and producer. Richard is Director of Audiobook Revolution Productions at In 2016, he produced or narrated over 50 titles on Amazon, Audible, iTunes and more. He is author of “The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation,” the 2016 Global eBook Awards Gold Medal Winner in Writing/Publishing.

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