Imagine reading that books typically don’t make authors much money, and are written for other reasons. There are actually more ways to make money from your book and its contents than you probably ever considered or knew. In fact, you can make a lot more! That’s what this session is about.

Leveraging your efforts by writing your manuscript once and selling it many times in many ways is smarter not harder. The online and offline applications for your how-to sound bites are things you already say when sharing your expertise. They can bring you direct and indirect revenue, cost you absolutely nothing or very little, and increase sales of your book(s) and all your related offerings.

  • Create how-to tips regardless of topic
  • Discover ways how-to tips alone can be profitable revenue streams
  • Sail through interviews with great sound bites and more love from interviewers
  • Deliver compelling social media content on ideal author platforms
  • Reinforce your book content so people come back for more
  • Simplify writing your next book or revising an existing one
  • Entice more sales with value-added digital or tangible tips gifts
  • Lure repeat and recurring buyers by varying content delivery methods
  • Differentiate yourself from the zillions of colleagues

Your mind hamsters are sure to be running in overdrive after this session with ideas you’ll learn.

Since 1991, Paulette Ensign has helped thousands through her non-traditional publishing company, Tips Products International. Most has been about how-to tips booklets, mirroring her success in personally selling over a million copies of her tips booklet, “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life” in several languages and formats without a penny on advertising. It was initially a marketing tool and direct revenue stream for her then-career as a professional organizing and productivity consultant and speaker. She expanded her services to include helping clients generate more revenue from their books, blogs, articles, other writing, or ideas yet to escape the inner sanctum of their mind.

Originally from the Northeast, Paulette moved to San Diego in 1996 without missing a beat in her business. She loves living near the beach, does not miss snow one bit, and is proudly defying getting old as she gets older. You can reach her at 858-922-9768 or ,

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