Podcasts are one of the best kept marketing secrets for authors. Discover how to create your own podcast book tour with tips for pitching, creating your own media kit, researching and finding the perfect podcasts, and ways to market your interviews. Podcasts make it possible to reach a large audience without ever leaving your home, so it’s time to create your own podcast book tour!

Michelle Glogovac is THE podcast matchmaker, an award-winning publicist and host of the MySimplified Life podcast. After an 18 year career in corporate aviation, Michelle discovered her passion in changing the world, one voice at a time. She works with entrepreneurs, authors, and experts to niche down, grow their businesses,and visibility while ensuring their message reaches the masses. Michelle is a natural relationship maker, which is why her love of helping experts be interviewed on podcasts and featured in the media is so successful.

Michelle is a wife, mom of two, stepmom of two,and a fur mom. She has her B.A. and M.S. in Law,and is the Founder + CEO of The MLG Collective.Michelle resides in the Bay Area and is a wine lover.

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