michael larsen literary agentWe are excited to bring you a live pitch session with literary agent Michael Larsen! Mike has agreed to listen to book pitches live and provide feedback. He is seeking quality nonfiction books, and if he likes your pitch, he will ask you to follow up and send him your platform and promotion plan.

This session is intended to give all participants–whether you pitch or not–insight into traditional publishing and what agents and publishers are seeking.

Each pitch session will last up to five minutes, including your pitch and Mike’s feedback. This allows us to include as many participants as possible.

To participate, you must register for NFWC 2015 and submit your pitch no later than April 22.


If you submit a pitch and Mike is unable to discuss it during the session, he has agreed to accept a brief phone call with you to provide feedback.

That’s right—everyone who submits a serious nonfiction book pitch WILL receive feedback and the chance to possibly send your platform and promotion plan to Mike for further consideration!


Born and educated in New York City, Michael Larsen worked in promotion for Bantam, William Morrow, and Pyramid (later assimilated into Berkley). He and his wife Elizabeth Pomada started Larsen-Pomada Literary Agents in San Francisco in 1972. They are members of AAR and have sold books to more than 100 publishers.

Mike believes that now is the best time ever to be a writer. The writers he seeks have the ideas, writing skills, platform, and promotion plan they need to get the best editor, publisher, and deal for their books, or self-publish them successfully.

He is eager to find nonfiction writers who will excite big and midsize houses: how-to’s, self-help, business, personal finance, popular culture, biography, current affairs, history, health, medicine, spirituality, inspirational books, trends, technology, the future, and other books with enduring social, practical or literary value.

He is the author of the fourth edition of How to Write a Book Proposal, and the third edition of How to Get a Literary Agent. With Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and David Hancock, he is co-author of the second edition of Guerrilla Marketing for Writers: 100 Weapons for Selling Your Work. Mike is co-director of the San Francisco Writers’ Conference and the San Francisco Writing for Change Conference. He offers consulting services for nonfiction writers. www.larsenpomada.com.