Melinda CoppStarting to write a book is great, but finishing it is even better.
And there’s a lot of work between those two milestones. In this
presentation, Melinda Copp, a professional ghostwriter and editor,
will share her strategies for getting your book manuscript done and ready for publication.

She’ll cover:

– Tips for completing a solid first draft

– Detailed and big-picture revision strategies that work

– How to find pre-publication readers and editorial help

– And techniques for overcoming the obstacles that keep manuscripts
languishing in desk drawers.

No matter where you are in the book-writing process, this session will
help you get your manuscript over the finish line and into the hands
of readers.

Melinda Copp is a freelance nonfiction book ghostwriter based in Bluffton, South Carolina. She has ghostwritten sixteen books, including memoirs and instructional nonfiction. Melinda specializes in helping aspiring authors get clear on the real story they were meant to tell, organizing their material in a powerful way, and then using the client’s ideas to write an engaging and compelling book that delivers their big message. She has an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Goucher College and a BS in journalism from West Virginia
University. When Melinda isn’t ghostwriting and working with her clients, she’s probably playing with her kids outside, reading a book, or working tirelessly on her own manuscript. You can find her on Twitter ( and LinkedIn (