While self-publishing options are exploding worldwide, most authors quickly discover how much easier it is to write a book than to sell one.  Matt Bennett has sold over 5 million books, with decades of experience as an author, publisher, and consultant.  His entertaining, fast-paced presentation addresses how authors can greatly increase their odds of succeeding through the application of specific marketing and distribution strategies.

About the Author

As an author, Matt Bennett has sold over 5,000,000 books and raised millions of dollars for over 20 national nonprofits.   As an educator and consultant, he has taught hundreds of seminars, guiding and supporting aspiring authors by placing a strong emphasis on the importance of innovative marketing and systematic personal work habits.  He’s been featured in a two-page spread in People Magazine and on the front page of the WSJ, had a recurring role on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, and has been on dozens of talk shows. Matt is a graduate of UCLA, owns an insurance brokerage firm and numerous rental properties.  If that isn’t all eclectic enough, he was recently inducted into the Professional Bowler’s Association with a perfect 300 game! 

Learn more: www.BTDT.com

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