Mary Catherine JonesAudiobooks have become big business, with double-digit growth every year for the last 10 years. Non-fiction authors are in the thick of it – with many opportunities (and choices). From creating a memorable memoir to recording a thought-provoking thought-leadership book, it’s easy to get a bit turned around along the way.

In this informative and dynamic presentation (with plenty of time for questions) Mary Catherine will go over the audiobook creation process – from manuscript to microphone to mouth noise!  Whether you intend to bootstrap your recording and set up a home studio in your closet or want to know what to expect before heading into a professional studio, this session will leave you informed and excited about creating YOUR audiobook.


Audiobook Recording and Production: Voice Over Vermont LLC
Mary Catherine Jones is the owner and executive producer of Voice Over Vermont, LLC – a full service audiobook recording studio in Shelburne, VT. She delights in working with authors to give voice to their stories and would love to welcome you into her padded room, er, recording studio😉. Can’t come to Vermont? Ask about remote recording options.