• How to develop your author brand
    • Identifying your target audience
    • What sets you apart? Credentials, entrepreneur, nonprofit work, very unique story?
    • Find and use your unique brand voice
    • Apply your brand consistently over all channels — goal is: easily identifiable
  • Key elements of your author brand
    • Colors, font, logo/image — make sure they tie into your book somehow and then apply them across the following:
    • Your website: professional, clean and clear, book info, brand aesthetic/voice applied, resources available, easy contact info/email sign-up
    • Social media: make sure your brand is applied across all social media channels, communicating your brand in your posts/interactions
    • E-mail list/marketing
  • Why your author brand is so important
    • Helps lend authenticity and legitimacy to your book and other projects
    • Allows potential readers and followers to find you and identify you right away (sets you apart!)

Marissa Eigenbrood is Senior Vice President of Smith Publicity, working closely with all teams across the company. Throughout her career in public relations, she has worked with non-profits, Fortune 500 corporations, international brands, college/universities, tech start-ups and the publishing industry, including small to large-sized publishers, hybrid presses, debut authors and industry thought leaders. She brings extensive knowledge of the public relations realm, as well as an organized and dedicated focus, to all she does. Joining the Smith Publicity team in 2009, she began her career as a publicist, then expanding into business development before taking on a variety of leadership roles, which provided her with a diverse understanding of the goals and strategies critical to campaign success and an in-depth knowledge of the industry and company as a whole. Marissa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Business Management from Marist College and resides outside of Philadelphia with her husband and fur family.

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