List of writers group partnersWe are grateful to the writers groups and communities below for helping us spread the word about the Nonfiction Writers Conference. Please return the favor by joining one of these organizations or visiting them online!

The Alabama Media Professionals is a professional organization serving communications professionals, particularly freelancers. We have monthly meetings for networking, professional support and professional development. Member can attend by Skype. Twice a year we have either a workshop or a conference. Our goal is to advocate on behalf and benefit independent communications professionals with many services. Our members include photographers, writers of all types and broadcasters in radio and television.,

Alabama Writers Conclave is One of the oldest writers organizations in continuous existence in the United States and presents its 2016 Writers Conference July 15-17 in Birmingham, Alabama. More info at

Founded in 1964, the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) is the professional association for full-time and freelance editors, writers, art directors, and designers employed in the business-to-business, trade, and specialty press. Membership is free for qualified B2B professionals. ASPBE is widely known for its annual Azbee Awards of Excellence competition, which recognizes the best in editorial, design, and online achievement. The organization also sponsors the annual ASBPE National Editorial Conference, as well as monthly training webcasts that are free for members. Regular educational seminars are held by local chapters. See also: Facebook:, Twitter:

Appalachian Author’s GuildThe Appalachian Authors Guild is an organization of writers either living in Appalachia or writing about it. We conduct workshops and presentations on the second Tuesday of each month. You can find more details about us on our website: – updated 4/16/2021

The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) was founded in 1981 by a small but visionary group of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) journalists in Los Angeles who felt a need to support one another and to encourage more Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to pursue journalism at a time when there were few AAPI faces in the media. AAJA expanded into a national organization in 1985 with the formation of additional chapters.
AAJA has grown as a non-profit educational organization with more than 1,600 members in 20 chapters across the U.S. and one in Asia. AAJA’s programs focus on serving professionals, students, AAPI communities and advancements in the industry. Close to one-third of AAJA’s members are students, attesting to the organization’s emphasis on bringing young people into the news business.

The Association of Personal Historians (APH) supports its members in recording, preserving, and sharing life stories of people, families, communities, and organizations around the world. APH sets professional standards and provides professional development for the world’s personal historians. Our members work with their clients worldwide to preserve stories in a variety of forms, including audio, video, print, and online story-sharing formats. APH provides networking and education year-round, culminating in the Life Story Symposium, to be held this year in St. Paul, Minnesota, September 24-27. See also: Facebook group, Twitter

The Association for Women in Communications (AWC) is the premier organization for empowering women with the strength, support, and tools for elevating your career and becoming an agent of change in the industry. We champion the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era. Our network of like-minded women are genuinely invested in helping women communicators reach their potential.

The Atlanta Writers Club (AWC), founded in 1914, has taught the craft and business of writing for 110 years. In addition to providing monthly in-person meetings, the AWC offers online workshops and critique groups, an annual contest with cash prizes, the Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference every April, and the Atlanta Writers Conference each spring and fall for writers seeking traditional publication.

Biographers International Organization (BIO) is the only international literary organization devoted to biographers and biography. We also welcome those working on documentaries or biographies for young adults or children. BIO informs, supports, promotes, defends, and advocates for its members. BIO activities include informing biographers on the craft of biography, by providing guidance on matters related to the researching, writing, and publishing of biography; helping them deal effectively with resources, subjects, technology, agents, editors, and publishers; encouraging public interest in and appreciation for biography; and conducting conferences, public discussion groups, and mentoring.

The Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies is dedicated to enriching lives through writing, sharing, and preserving life stories and life experiences. The program provides opportunities for education, research and dissemination of information to professionals who are engaged in the fields of life review and aging. Special emphasis is placed on the Birren Guided Autobiography method that has continued to develop over the past 40 years. The focus is currently on training Guided Autobiography instructors worldwide in an interactive, synchronistic, online class format.

Brooklyn Writers Space – quiet co-working for writers of all genres. Being a writer in New York City is challenging but finding a quiet place to work can be even harder. We founded Brooklyn Writers Space 16 years ago to provide an affordable sanctuary where writers can turn off their phones, ignore the dishes in the sink, and do the hard work of writing. The communal lounge and kitchen provide a place to take a break from the writing and chat with other members about work and life. BWS has served over 1800 writers who have published countless articles, books, dissertations, poems, stage, and screenplays.

Canadian Authors Association – Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Canadian Authors Association is a membership-based organization for writers at all stages of their writing careers: aspiring, emerging, and professional. Join us for professional development, events, and networking opportunities with people who care about the craft and business of writing as much as you do. As one of only 27 Registered National Arts Service Organizations with charitable status, much of what we do benefits all Canadian writers, whether they are members or are affiliated with us as partners or through other writing groups.  Twitter, Facebook.

The Cat Writers’ Association is a global, cat-centric professional organization dedicated to excellence in written, visual, and audio media.

Central Oregon Writers Guild’s mission is to provide Central Oregon area writers a forum for mutual support and education through meetings, annual events and workshops. Our goal is to advance growth and success for individual writers of all genres and skill levels. The Guild is a not-for-profit organization, where volunteers coordinate the group’s activities. Free public meetings take place each month, featuring authors, editors, agents and publishers who speak on topics of interest to writers.

Founded in 1972, Chicago Women in Publishing (CWIP) is one of the oldest and largest publishing associations in Chicago. And don’t let the name fool you: for the past 45 years, we’ve helped both men and women, seasoned publishing veterans, aspiring and published authors, students, and anyone considering a career in the industry to navigate the publishing world. CWIP hosts many events by bringing in the cream of the crop of experts in their fields with the goal of educating and growing Chicago’s publishing community. You can learn more about CWIP at – updated 4/16/2021

College Media Association, the voice of collegiate media and its advisers, serves student media pros, staffs and programs with education, research and resources. CMA communicates and works with professional media organizations and education associations on the local, state and national levels. (Headquartered in New York.) Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Colorado Authors’ League is the oldest professional writing organization in Colorado with over 250 active members. You’ll find us on the web at and on Facebook under Colorado Authors’ League.

Creative Wellness specializes in therapeutic journaling and expressive writing for self-care, burnout prevention and renewal for helping, healing and healthcare professionals.  Founder, Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC regularly teaches and speaks about the healing and transformational power of writing.  She offers an online Transformational Writing for Wellness Salon, Renew You Virtual Writing Retreats, workshops, journaling tools and more.  Lynda is the author of Life Source Writing™: A Reflective Journaling Practice for Self-Discovery, Self-Care, Wellness and Creativity, the co-author of Writing Alone Together: Journaling in a Circle of Women for Creativity, Compassion and Connection.  She is also the new Director of the International Association for Journal Writing,  To learn more about Creative Wellness please visit

Delmarva Christian Writers’ Fellowship – Established in 1993, DCWF meets the third Saturday of the month in Georgetown, Delaware, from 9 AM to Noon. Meeting attendance runs from eight to 28. Many are beginning writers who are mentored by those who have been published. It is an informal gathering for critiquing and encouragement with resources to build up the Christian who writes. We follow a meeting agenda, but there is no membership fee or pressure; however, we do hold one another accountable to see progress in our writing. Meetings typically include a devotional, shared information, a teaching, manuscript critiques, and prayer. Friendships are fostered over lunch and between meetings. On occasion, we host day-long writing seminars or retreats and encourage participation in regional/national conferences. Visit for more information or contact Candy Abbott, founder and director, at, 302.856.6649. Follow us on Facebook.

The Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) is the largest and oldest national professional organization of editorial freelancers who are editors, writers, indexers, proofreaders, researchers, desktop publishers, translators, and others who offer a broad range of skills and specialties. resources for both freelancers and clients, including a chart of common rates. The EFA offers a member directory, a free EFA job listing services, a common rate chart, and many member benefits including discounts to sister organization conferences.

Freelance Writers Den is the premier online learning and support community for nonfiction freelance writers looking to grow their income — fast. Founded in 2011 by Make a Living Writing blog author Carol Tice, the Den has an international membership of over 1,000 and offers 24/7 help forums, monthly live events with experts, and over 300+ hours of training.

FundsforWriters is a simple resource for writers, providing up-to-date funding streams for those seeking to earn a living at this craft. Through the website and weekly newsletters, FundsforWriters informs writers about contests, markets, grants, crowdfunding, publishers, and agents open to submissions. Come see why C. Hope Clark is considered such a motivational guru for the struggling writer.

The Gulf Coast Writers Association (GCWA) is proud to provide a forum for fellowship, education, and information for writers in Southwest Florida. Whether you write for pleasure or profit, you’ll find support from our members. With an average of 175 members, there is always encouragement and friendly guidance to help you improve your writing skills.

The Houston Writers Guild is a community of Houston-area writers whose purpose is to support each other in the author’s craft and writing career through:

  • Engendering safe environments for writers of all skill levels. (Critique Circles)
  • Reciprocally sharing time, talent, and knowledge.
  • Creating opportunities for the development of writing careers. (Through Conferences and Workshops)
  • Celebrating the success of each as a success of all.
  • Providing a platform through which members forge life-long relationships in writing and publishing.
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning. (Through Conferences and Workshops)

Idaho Writers Guild – The Idaho Writers Guild is writers working for writers, providing networking and educational opportunities that will motivate, inspire, and enhance writing skills.  We offer members and non-members a monthly lunch with a speaker, an ongoing series of craft workshops, critique groups, a book club, and an annual three-day writers conference held in Boise each May.

The Idaho Writers Rendezvous is a three-day writers conference produced each May in Boise by the Idaho Writers Guild.  It brings together top-notch authors, agents, editors, and publishing industry experts for attendees to meet with and learn from.  In addition to a sterling lineup of speakers, attendees can sign up to pitch an agent, get a manuscript evaluation from an editor, perform at an open mic session, even have lunch with the presenter of their choice.  Cash awards for our annual writing contest are announced at the closing banquet.

Run by authors and writers for authors and writers, IndieReader provides proven, value-driven tools and services to help improve book’s credibility and discoverability, making it easier for authors to get them where they belong: in front of readers. Contact: Amy Edelman, amy@indiereader

The International Association for Journal Writing is an online learning and inspiration-community for journal and life writers worldwide. We offer many member benefits, monthly writing circles and telechat interviews with guest experts, ebooks, online courses, journaling tools, prompts and more. We have a Journal Council of global experts who teach and inspire within our IAJW community.

The International Science Writers Association (ISWA), an organization of individual membership, was formed in 1967 in response to the increasingly international scope of science popularization and technical communications. The primary objective of ISWA is to provide an international network of contacts and to enable members to assist each other when working in a foreign country–sometimes by arranging accommodations, by advising on the reliability of news sources, or by facilitating contacts abroad–to say nothing of offering hospitality in the intervals between work! See also Twitter: @intlsciwri and Facebook:

International Writers Association is a 20-year-old writers group, our mission is to educate, support, promote, encourage, and inform individual writers and help produce and market each member’s work.

The Journalism Education Association is the largest scholastic journalism organization for teachers and advisers. Put simply, we educate teachers on how to educate students. Among JEA’s more than 2,700 members are journalism teachers and publications advisers, media professionals, press associations, adviser organizations, libraries, publishing companies, newspapers, radio stations and departments of journalism.  Twitter: @nationalJEA and @jeapresident, Facebook, Instagram

Lane Literary Guild has been supporting writers and readers in the Eugene/Springfield area for over 30 years. We sponsor the Windfall Reading Series, a monthly free reading held at the Eugene Public Library which features poets, fiction writers and nonfiction writers from all around the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Las Cruces Writers Group supports published and aspiring authors in Las Cruces, New Mexico under the rubric of “writers helping writers.” We are a diverse band of writers with varied interests, but with many focused on regional topics and ideas. A membership-based organization, LCW promotes and supports educational and arts events. Meetings are the second Thursday of each month. Check out our website for newsletters, resources, and more details.

League of Utah Writers – CONNECT with writers throughout Utah. IMPROVE your writing abilities. Get your writing PUBLISHED. The League of Utah Writers is the largest and most established writers group in the state. We offer critique groups, classes, networking opportunities, contests, and a variety of other resources. An annual membership is just $25!

NAIWE is a professional association for all publishing professionals! We exist to help members succeed with our unique focus on creating multiple streams of income. We’ll cheer you on when your first novel hits the shelves or the first printing of your business book sells out. We’ll support you as you add new skills to your repertoire and learn to make a great living doing what you do best. We believe in professional freelancers and in-house publishing professionals who love the rhythm and cadence of the language and are committed to polishing even the humblest prose to its highest luster. At NAIWE, we know that a career in the publishing industry isn’t all about the art. It’s not all about the money either. Your work is about the joy of creativity, the freedom of working independently, and the fulfillment that comes from creating an authentic, abundant life, earning a living doing what you love to do. We believe that taking the road less traveled is often the best way to go. We encourage everyone in the publishing industry to belong to two professional organizations. The first is a large, general, career-building association such as NAIWE, and the second is a smaller craft- or genre-focused association that will help develop additional skills in the minutiae of your craft.

The National Association of Memoir Writers  Writing a memoir helps you find your voice, tell your story, and reach out to others. You start thinking about your memories, moments that make you feel young again, wondering: what is the legacy I’m leaving behind?  Many memoir writers find that writing a memoir is a vehicle for transformation. At NAMW you can find workshops, teleseminars, and interviews with writers and experts in memoir, writing skills, therapeutic writing, spiritual autobiography, and healing.

The National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) is the only organization devoted exclusively to the professional development of communications experts at all levels of government including federal, tribal, state, and local. Each year, the NAGC convenes the Communications School, which is the only event of its kind that provides invaluable networking opportunities and practical educational sessions to help government communicators increase their skills. The coveted NAGC Government Communicator of the Year Award is presented during the Communications School and honors an individual who has brought forth government’s message with a high standard of professionalism and ethics. To see this year’s schedule and register for the school, click on

The National Federation of Press Women is a dynamic nationwide organization of professional women-and men-pursuing careers across the communications spectrum. Membership in NFPW is a solid investment in your career, providing opportunities to develop your professional skills, receive recognition for your work, network with peers, protect the First Amendment, and nurture the next generation of communicators.

The National Resume Writers’ Association (The NRWA) is the only nonprofit trade association for professional résumé writers. The association is led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, who are experts in the Resume Writing and Career Management field. We have over 600 members from around the world who serve all industries of the workforce. The mission of The NRWA is to increase the visibility of the industry, encourage ethical practices, promote excellence, and raise industry standards through peer marketing and training. Members of The NRWA enjoy discounted access to monthly webinars and an annual conference (live), among many other benefits.

The National Society of Newspaper Columnists is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of California. The NSNC was founded in 1977 and exists to promote professionalism and camaraderie among columnists and other writers of the serial essay, including bloggers. Membership is open to general interest, humor, items, op-ed, online or other columnists. Academics and student columnists also are eligible to join. The annual conference is NSNC’s primary event. The educational group also publishes a monthly newsletter, maintains this website and advocates for columnists and free-press issues. New members are welcome. Join us on Facebook.

The National Writers Union (NWU) is the only union for freelance writers in the U.S. We are open to all writers, in all genres, on all media. We are a nationwide amalgamated local of the United Auto Workers union (UAW Local 1981), with access to the UAW legislative and legal departments. This has allowed us to lobby more effectively in Congress for increased copyright protections and helped us to win hundreds of thousands of dollars for our members from deadbeat publishers.  We provide free contract advice and grievance assistance to our members and a dental and vision plan. As an affiliate of the  International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), we are the only distributor of IFJ press passes to US freelancers. Check us out at

Nonfiction Authors Association – A marketing community for aspiring and experienced trail-blazing writers of nonfiction books. Featuring monthly teleseminars, weekly “homework” (marketing tips), member discounts, a vibrant online forum, and local chapters across the U.S. See also: and

North American Agricultural Journalists is professional, international group of agricultural editors and writers. Those eligible for membership include journalists in North America who report or edit agricultural news for newspapers, magazines, wires and syndicated services who are independent of agricultural organizations and businesses.

Northern California Publishers and AuthorsNorthern California Publishers & Authors (NCPA) is an alliance of independent publishers, authors, and publishing professionals in Northern California. Our purpose is to foster, encourage, and educate authors, small press publishers, and those interested in becoming authors and publishers.

Northern Virginia Writers Club – The Northern Virginia Writers Club is a duly chartered chapter of the Virginia Writers Club. Established in November 2007, our group is a vibrant balance of aspiring, emerging and established authors. The chapter offers workshops, panel discussions, and expert speakers designed to stimulate the art and craft of writing, and support the business of writing. The Northern Virginia Chapter of the Virginia Writers Club serves the counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun and Prince William and the City of Alexandria.

The Northwest Independent Editors Guild (Seattle, Portland) connects clients with professional editors in the Pacific Northwest. We also foster community among our members and provide resources for their career development. We produce meetings and events, including a conference every two years; members also enjoy benefits like a private listserv and job board as well as a profile in our editor directory and a discount to The Chicago Manual of Style Online. See more: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

theOFFICE is a quiet, communal workspace for writers and other creatives. We are one of the nation’s premiere coworking spaces fostering creativity and productivity in a zen, distraction-free environment for over 15 years. Our roster consists of working screenwriters, authors, journalists, designers and others. We have no conference rooms. No phone calls. No conversation. Just you, the keyboard and a room of like-minded individuals serious about getting the work done.

Oklahoma City Writers Inc. is dedicated to the promotion of literary achievement in Oklahoma, development of creative abilities of members & discovery of literary talent in unknown writers.

Paragraph: Workspace for Writers: Founded in 2005, Paragraph is a membership organization dedicated to providing an affordable and tranquil working environment for writers of all genres. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Paragraph was created by writers for writers, with an understanding that writers work best in a quiet, comfortable space away from the hurry and obligation of daily life. Paragraph has two locations in New York City — one on 14th Street close to Union Square and the other in Williamsburg close to McCarren Park. They are both loft-like spaces on the top floor with exposed brick walls and natural light through high windows and skylights. @paragraphNY

PEN America is an organization that stands at the intersection of literature and human rights to protect open expression at home and abroad. We champion the freedom to write, recognizing the power of the word to transform the world. Our mission is to unite writers and their allies to celebrate creative expression and defend the liberties that make it possible. We are supported by a robust membership of 4,400 writers, translators, editors, and other publishing professionals. @PENamerican,

Pikes Peak Writers (a 501(c)(3) organization) is committed to helping writers grow and thrive through education, outreach, and community. We host an annual writers’ conference and offer up to four events a month, sometimes more in fulfillment of our mission.
@pikes_peak_writers on Instagram and threads

Professional Writers Association of Canada is Canada’s leading association for professional non-fiction freelance writers. Founded in 1976, we advocate for our members to receive fair pay, contracts and treatment. Our mandate is to foster an environment where professional non-fiction writers are respected for their skill and fairly compensated for their work; provide a collective voice to promote the value of members’ work; support and promote members at all stages of their careers; and advocate for freedom of the press and freedom of expression in Canada as a founding principle of PWAC. With chapters across Canada, we provide a home for non-fiction freelancers to learn, grow and support one another. Our website is and you can follow us on Twitter at @writersdotca.

Quebec Writers’ Federation – QWF provides programs, services, opportunities, and community for aspiring, emerging, and established writers and the wider English-speaking communities in the province of Quebec. Located in the Atwater Library, 1200 Atwater Avenue, Room 3, Westmount QC, H3Z 1X4.

San Francisco Writing for Change Conference – The Sixth San Francisco Writing for Change Conference is the place to discover whether your book can change the world. The theme of the conference is “Changing the World One Book at a Time,” and the goal is to encompass business, politics, technology, social issues, the environment, culture, the law, and much more. The Writing for Change Conference is devoted to bringing together agents, editors, authors, and publishing professionals to enable nonfiction writers to learn about writing, publishing, marketing, and technology. You’ll also learn how to get your work published successfully, online and off.

Science Writers & Communicators of Canada (SWCC) was founded in 1970 as the Canadian Science Writers’ Association by a small group of science and medical reporters who recognized their role in helping other Canadians better understand rapid changes occurring in our world. Today, we are a national association that welcomes media professionals, communications officers in science and technology-related institutions, technical writers and educators – all of whom are involved in communicating science and technology to non-specialist audiences. We foster quality science communication that links science and technology communicators from coast-to-coast. In the process, our members volunteer their time toward a series of programs committed to increasing public awareness of, and engagement with, Canadian science and technology – particularly among youth.

See Jane Write is a website and membership program for women who write and blog. Through courses and coaching, as well as online and community events, See Jane Write is dedicated to helping women use their stories and their words to make a living and make a difference.

Sierra Writers supports writers of all genres in Nevada County. Organized in 1982, we continue to offer a variety of prominent speakers and open reads. Members are encouraged to participate in fiction and non-fiction critique groups.  A Sierra Writers’ Conference was held in conjunction with Sierra College in January of 2016. Website: Facebook:

Skagit Valley Writers League is a not-for-profit resource for writers of all genres and skill levels. We offer two workshops a month on craft and the business of writing, as well as critique groups, writers theatres, networking with other Pacific Northwest writers groups, and general encouragement and support. SVWL has been helping writers write since 1958! Facebook:

The Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network (SPAWN) provides information, resources and opportunities for anyone involved in or interested in publishing, whether they are an author, freelance writer, artist or own a publishing company. SPAWN encourages the exchange of ideas, information, and other mutual benefits, and provides a website for the purpose of sharing information on writing, marketing, and publishing. It also offers links to research sources, publishers, printers, the media and other sources that might be important to writers and authors. See also: Pacific Institute for Professional Writing (PIPW, California.)

The Society of Southwestern Authors – Our largest Chapter is in Tucson, Arizona, with other chapters in Congress-Wickenberg, AZ and in the San Pedro Valley in Green Valley, AZ. Our overall membership is about 300 writers.

South Bay Writers is a community of professional and aspiring writers pursuing common goals thru education, networking, and unlocking promotional opportunities for one another. We are  one of 22 branches of the statewide California Writers Club, which was founded in 1909 to empower writers. South Bay Writers proudly and faithfully continues over a century old tradition here in California’s South Bay as Silicon Valley’s Premier Writing Group.

Two Drops of Ink is a literary blog devoted to literature and writing in a broad sense. For the reader and writer, we publish short stories, poetry, essays, literary criticism, book reviews, and biographical profiles of authors, interviews, letters, and academic essays, or treatise. For the writer, we strive to publish thoughtful and unique conversations about grammar, writing, prose styles, poetry, literary genres, writing advice, and the publishing industry; we post current news and information about the publishing industry and literary agents, regularly. We also promote other sites that we feel enhance the education of writers.

TOWA (Texas Outdoor Writer’s Association) is a Texas-based media organization for all professional communicators, and product manufacturers, endorsing the North American Model of conservation. Open to students, active members, or sponsoring members we lead the way in celebrating the outdoors and preserving our outdoor heritage.

The Textbook & Academic Authors Association is the premier resource for authors of textbooks, scholarly journal articles, and books. Our mission is to provide our members with the support, knowledge, and opportunities they need to succeed in their writing pursuits. At TAA, we understand the unique challenges that come with writing textbooks and academic material. From finding the right publisher to understanding the legalities of copyright law, we are here to help. Our comprehensive resources, events and networking opportunities provide our members with the support they need to take their writing to the next level. We are passionate about helping authors excel in their writing. Our members are at the heart of what we do and we are dedicated to helping them achieve their goals. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, TAA provides the tools members need to become a successful textbook and academic author.

Writers of all genres and at all stages of their careers come to Willamette Writers’ meetings, annual conference, and workshops to connect with their community, hone their craft, and advance their careers. Our members include aspiring, professional, and best-selling authors. Membership dues are $45/year per individual, $65 per family, and $20 for students. Our upcoming annual conference–the Willamette Writers Conference–is on August 4-6, 2017 at the Sheraton Portland Airport; the following one is on August 3-5, 2018. Willamette Writers is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with chapters throughout Oregon; support us to support writers in the Pacific Northwest.

Founded in 1948, the Wisconsin Writers Association is a creative community dedicated to the support of writers and authors. WWA sponsors and hosts year-round workshops and events throughout Wisconsin, offering discounts and exclusive resources. We aim to share experiences and knowledge while encouraging our members in their pursuit of this most noble art. Develop your craft. Discover resources. Expand your network. Build your audience. Learn more at  updated 4/16/2021

Write Action, Inc. is a non-profit networking and advocacy group for writers and appreciators of writing, in the tri-state region of southeastern Vermont, including southwestern New Hampshire and western Ma. We are made up of all kinds of writers––fiction, nonfiction, poetry. We hold an annual poetry and prose writing contest, give high school senior awards for writing, and partner with other arts organizations in the area to explore creative ways of showcasing various themes. As stated on our website:  Write Action is a community-based, grass-roots writer’s organization formed in 1999 “to strengthen a community of writers in Brattleboro and the surrounding area; and to nurture, encourage, and promote the literary arts in the at-large community”.

The Writers Grotto is a community of working writers and narrative artists who connect in physical and virtual space, pooling our talents to support each other, mentor and teach others, and engage the wider world. The Writers Grotto fosters a literary culture that is generous in spirit and deeply inclusive, elevating writers of all backgrounds. Our membership is made up of established professional writers in the Bay Area, and we also offer classes and free events for the wider community.


Would you like to add your writers organization to our list? Send us an email!