Laurence O’Bryan – The New Opportunities Emerging For Authors Using Amazon Ads

The world of digital marketing for books is evolving fast. You need the very latest information to ensure you achieve all you can from your career as an author. The goal of this session is to ensure you have the latest data on how to exploit various Amazon dashboard changes and sharpen your reader targeting on Amazon using Laser Targeting.

Amazon made a series of changes to their advertising dashboard in late 2019. These changes have opened up opportunities for authors in 2020. Laurence O’Bryan, the founder of the ad agency for books, BooksGoSocial, will explain what these Amazon ads dashboard changes mean for you and how you can increase your royalties during the current crisis.

BooksGoSocial has managed over 7,500 ad campaigns for authors. The data emerging from these campaigns is clear. Laser Targeting works. This session will explain how you can use Laser Targeting to find your readers and sell more books.

Laurence O’Bryan has been in marketing for over thirty years and training authors in digital marketing since 2012. He devised and delivered a Diploma course in Digital Marketing for 3 years training people from all sectors. He has an MBA in Marketing and has trained thousands of authors through his on-line training portal.

Here’s one of the hundreds of 5-star reviews for Laurence’s training:

“I’m very impressed with I just saw a great video presentation by Laurence O’ Bryan. I strive for anything that can help me with marketing my book, “Keys and Keynotes” and this course has so much important information, I will review it again in the near future along with the many notes I took while watching it.” Richard Rowley, author.

Laurence had three books published by Harper Collins worldwide. He has also self-published five books.

Laurence started to help other authors get discovered. He also founded the International Dublin Writers Festival.

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