Kirsten HolmbergIf you’ve got an “idea worth spreading” and aspire to giving a TEDx talk someday, this workshop will help you land your spot on the red dot. Speaker coach Kirsten Holmberg ran the speaker selection process for a TEDx program for multiple years and has collaborated with numerous speakers to position their talk, craft compelling content, and polish their delivery. Her clients’ TEDx talks have surpassed 2.5M views. This session will cover:

 – What a TEDx talk is (and isn’t)
 – How to pitch your talk so the event planners take notice
 – The steps you’ll take to get there


Kirsten Holmberg leverages more than two decades of experience in keynote speaking and writing to equip both new and skilled speakers to achieve maximum impact with their presentations and speaking engagements. Her background in both business and communication has proved an asset in collaborating with her fellow writers. She works with Fortune 100 executives, TEDx speakers, politicians, pastors, and the person next door to shape their content and finesse their delivery.

Kirsten holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. As evidence that her true love is communication, she brandishes her ability to recite all 46 prepositions in alphabetical order— something she still knows from her 7th-grade language arts class.