Karl PalachukPANEL: Revenue for Writers: Consulting, Speaking, Sponsors, Courses, and Bulk Book Sales

This group of panelists have all built successful businesses around their books and will explain how you can too. They have experience with professional speaking, bulk book sales, corporate sponsorships, selling digital products, online courses, and much more. You will leave this session inspired with new ideas for how you can grow your own author business.


Karl W. Palachuk is the author of more than twenty books and the creator of dozens of information products and downloads. He is a business owner, entrepreneur, author, father, speaker, publisher, blogger, podcaster, and a community builder.

Karl’s topics include technology, business, and personal development. In all areas, Karl has created downloadable products that make big money and cost almost nothing to deliver. Right now, more than half of Karl’s product sales come from electronic products and downloads.