We don’t write to make money, we make money so we can write.  We all can use more money from the content we have created.

The good news is you have already done the heavy lifting and hard work if you have written content.  You have already done the research and have put your ideas in a cogent form.

Here are two ways to refine and repurpose your existing content to create additional revenue sources.

Blogging with Medium

Medium is the easiest, minimalist blogging platform out there. And you can get paid as a function of the popularity of your posts.

Medium is a blogging platform with a built-in ecosystem of readers, metrics, and social media integration. Blogging is on the front end of the workflow spectrum of repurposing content.  It can encompass capturing ideas, developing them, and getting feedback from a literate community.  This process has really helped me refine my writing and interacting with followers makes the writing process far less lonely.

You can also pull segments from your books and other writings and repurpose them as blog posts.

It’s a great way to build your fan base towards 1000 true fans and beyond, develop and test material (run it up the flagpole and see who salutes!), and make money!

Udemy online courses

Online courses are at the other end of the workflow spectrum where you have fully developed content that you can now repurpose as video segments.  Udemy is an easy to use platform for creating online courses.  And with our computers, we have all the tools we need to create slide decks, PDF documents, infographics, and other media including, the most important for online courses: Video.

I will share tips on creating courses, production tools and techniques, and customer awareness campaigns.

I will cover all this in 40 minutes so hold on to your hats!  Then there will be Q&A.  Check out the platforms Medium and Udemy ahead of time so you are familiar with how they operate. This will help in understanding my presentation and make the Q&A more productive.

I really look forward with talking with you all!

About John –

John is an author of over 20 books, blogger, podcaster, online course creator, investor, inventor, entrepreneur, and musician.

John began his career, after graduating from Boston University and MIT with degrees in Media Studies and Electronics, working for one of the great early Silicon Valley tech firms: Ampex.  He then spent a decade in Manhattan working for ABC Television as a systems engineer designing and building facilities for the network and managing programs for sports and news; big spectacles like the Olympics and political conventions.

John then received his MBA from Wharton.  He has since taken two companies public as CFO and CEO and has had 15 years experience as a public company CFO and ten years experience as a public company CEO.  John has been involved in many start-ups and public company financings and deal making.  He has founded numerous startups in alternative energy, life sciences, and technology.   His career shifted to teaching at numerous universities in the US and internationally in the past ten years.  His company MBA ASAP delivers digital content on business topics via eBooks, paperbacks, audiobooks, podcasts and online courses.

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