How will you get in front of the right readers? The problem of visibility, called “book discovery,” has long been a top challenge for authors and publishers alike. For online sales, targeted ads are an essential part of any book marketing strategy.

The Amazon Ads program has become an important mechanism to match your book to the right readers. Join this session for an overview of the program and to learn how non-fiction authors can reach niche audiences. We’ll tackle common myths that can undermine your success, teach you how to prepare to advertise, and send you off with the key ingredients to power your secret advertising sauce.


The Book Geeks team is focused on helping ‘book people’ navigate Amazon and their ads platform. During a decade at Amazon, Book Geeks Founder Janet Margot built a specialized team focused on ads for KDP authors and traditional publishers. She and her team created educational resources to help authors and publishers get started with ads while directly onboarding top traditional publishers. She also served as a Product Manager, a role that championed author innovations and new marketplaces for book ads. Before joining Amazon, she worked as a Trade Marketing Manager for Lonely Planet Publications, where she owned the marketing and co-op relationship for bookshops and distributors in North America. Janet now consults with top independent authors, publishers, agencies, and integrators, and is the Amazon Ads course instructor for Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula.

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