“My books are my children” says Henry DeVries, “and like my children I expect them to support me in my old age.” DeVries (pronounced dee-VREEZE’, like every little breeze seems to whisper DeVries) is a book publisher, ghostwriter, and best-selling author who regularly uses 16 ways to speak to sell books and earns on average $5,000 to $10,000 per speech. Now this author of ten marketing books and a weekly paid columnist for Forbes.com will share his insider secrets on how to use speaking to sell books. The 16 ways he will cover are:

  • Small-scale seminars that you host with four to eight in attendance
  • Private, invitation-only summits that you host with 12 to 24 in attendance
  • Public seminars that you or others promote and charge admission to attend
  • In-house paid workshops that pay you to present to one company only
  • Local and national association meetings where you are a keynoter, breakout session speaker, panelist or a roundtable moderator
  • Radio and television shows and podcasts that interview you for how-to advice
  • CEO peer group meetings like Vistage (formerly TEC), Inner Circle and Renaissance
  • College courses for adults and extended education programs, like the ones offered through university extension programs
  • Public workshops that are fundraiser events that pay you a percentage of the gate
  • Chamber of commerce events, from monthly breakfasts to special seminars
  • Teleseminars and webinars that you put on or that others invite you to speak at
  • Promoter 50/50 seminars and expos where you are invited to speak and sell an information product, then split the proceeds with the person staging the event
  • Pre-recorded audio and video products that you sell on your website
  • Service club speeches to groups like the Rotary Club and Lion’s Club
  • Videos you make for YouTube

Henry DeVries is the CEO (chief encouragement officer) of Indie Books International. Prior to that he helped double revenues as president of an Ad Age 500 marketing agency and was a vice president of marketing communications that doubled awareness for a $5 billion insurance company. After serving as adjunct marketing faculty and the assistant dean of continuing education at the University of California San Diego, he has been a ghostwriter, co-author, and publisher of more than 300 business books including his international best-selling book from McGraw-Hill, How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett, now in Chinese.

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