Handouts – NFWC Fall 2020

Handouts NFWC Fall 2020 –

Sandra Beckwith9 Places to Look For Readers Who Write Reviews and 20 Ways to Sell More Books

Stephanie ChandlerBuild a Profitable Online Store and Profit with Digital Products

Melinda EmersonBook to Brand

Karl PalachukTake it to the Bank and Vendor Sponsorship Workbook

Mark Paul –  First Time Author Sells 21,000 Books in 10 Months and Tips to Selling Your Book

Leisa ReidSpeaking to Market Your Book

Josie Robinson7 Ways to Jumpstart Your Amazon Book Ads and Boosting Amazon Ads Checklist

Saundra Dalton-SmithLaunch Your Course Pre-Work

Special Webinar Replay from Lulu

Enjoy this replay of a webinar hosted with Chelsea Bennett, Brand Ambassador for Lulu. Chelsea covers many features offered by Lulu including drop-shipping books from your own site, selling books through Lulu’s store, spiral-bound printing, full-color printing, and more.

Webinar Replay: What's new at Lulu