Many speakers will provide handouts and copies of their slides, often during the live event. You will find those here. Please check back for updates.

Anne Janzer – Book Promotion Sites and Strategies Handout

Anne Janzer – Book Promotion Sites and Strategies (Slides)

Bret Ridgeway – Getting Gigs Opportunity Assessment Checklist for Platform Selling Speeches

Bret Ridgeway – Getting Gigs Opportunity Assessment Checklist for Keynote Presentations

Brooke Warner – IBPA Hybrid Publisher Criteria

Carla King – Metadata Cheat Sheet

Carla King – AI for Writers Presentation Slides

Deon McAdoo – How to Self Publish A Book: The Complete Guide to Publish Like A Pro

Deon McAdoo – Ready to Share Your Story?

Jim Azevedo – Print on Demand, Redefined

Jim Azevedo – Draft2Digital Handout

Joey Garcia – What Am I Pitching? Checklist

Karl Palachuk – Make Money with Books

Karl Palachuk – Sample Quote

Laurence O’Bryan – New 2023 Tactics for Amazon Ads to Help You Find More Readers (Slides)

Laurence O’Bryan – How to Use Golden Keywords to Sell Books Faster on Amazon

Lisa Tener -Pitches and Proposals: Essential Messaging for Authors (Slides) *for private use only-do not copy*

Lisa Tener – Questions to Ask an Agent

Lisa Tener – Questions to Ask a Publisher

Mark Paul – Amazon Ads Tips

Melinda Copp – How to Get Your Book Over the Finish Line (Slides)

Melinda Copp – Self Editing Checklists

Stephanie Chandler – Build Your Book Marketing Plan (Slides)

Stephanie Chandler – Favorite Ways to Grow an Audience for Your Book

Stephanie Chandler – How to Get Your Book in Libraries

Bonus Materials

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Michael Larsen – Develop Your Craft

Michael Larsen – Goals

Michael Larsen – Sell Your Book Before You Write it

Michael Larsen – Query letters

Michael Larsen – The S Theory of Storytelling

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