donna-talaricoTips for Creating Accessible, Inclusive Content & Reducing Bias in Your Writing

Before you hit send, post, or publish, are you certain that the content you’re about to share will be accessible, equitable, and inclusive? In the first half of this session, Donna Talarico will cover the basics of web accessibility—what it is and why it matters (geared toward non-techies!). During the session’s second half, Joey Garcia will help you identify and prepare to overcome implicit bias, understand when you need to hire a sensitivity reader, and how to take proactive steps that create positive change. You’ll leave this session feeling more mindful about the written and multimedia content you create or share online, whether with other writers or a broader audience of readers. 






Donna Talarico, founder/publisher of Hippocampus Magazine & Books, has more than 25 years of experience in marketing and communications; about half of that time has been in higher education. She serves as an editor for Link Journal (from the HighEdWeb Association), writes an adult learner recruiting column for Wiley, and has contributed to Guardian Higher Education Network, The Writer, mental_floss, Games World of Puzzles, and others. Her creative nonfiction appears in The Superstition Review, The Los Angeles Review, The New York Times (Tiny Love Stories)Wanderlust Journal, and The Writing Disorder (which nominated her essay “A Prequel to My Sister’s” for a Pushcart Prize). Donna serves on the residency faculty (with a focus on marketing and publishing) at the Maslow Family Graduate Creative Writing Program at Wilkes University.