Donna MariaPANEL: Social Media and Email Marketing

These panelists will discuss the actual strategies they have used to grow their email lists and engage social media followers. You will discover many new ideas for creating content and inspiring potential readers to subscribe to your list. Bring your questions and prepare for a fun discussion!


The Social Media and Email Marketing Trifecta for Authors
One of the requests Donna Maria receives most frequently from fellow authors and entrepreneurs is how she successfully has used social media to support book sales and a profitable business for nearly a quarter century. It’s not easy, but it is simple, and she’s going to share her success framework with us today.

Donna Maria is an author, attorney, podcaster and the Founder and CEO of the entrepreneurial training company the Indie Business Network. Launched in 2000 from a spare bedroom in a sparsely furnished rented clapboard house in Washington, DC, IBN is the first continuously operating membership-based entrepreneurial training company on the Internet, and has been consistently 6-figure profitable for nearly 25 years.  

Donna Maria offers innovative entrepreneurial thought leadership with a philosophical approach that puts “happy before hustle,” and is unavailable anywhere else in the world. Among other things, she uses what she calls The Social Media and Email Marketing Trifecta to support and maintain book sales and a profitable business, and that is what she is going to share with us today.

Currently, Donna Maria maintains home bases near Charlotte, North Carolina and in her hometown of Washington, DC, but she travels extensively and has intentionally organized her life so she can manage IBN from anywhere in the world. Follow her journey at