Elearning is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. For authors and publishers, this is a unique opportunity to tap into an additional revenue stream.

This presentation introduces authors and publishers to the elearning market, and outlines how they can use their existing book content to produce and sell elearning courses.

General Outline:

• What is elearning, and how does it apply to book publishing?
• Ebooks versus elearning: Digital does not mean interactive.
• Know your goals: Your expectations will influence the solutions you choose.
• Elearning solutions: Marketplaces versus Self-Hosting versus Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Preparing book content for your ideal solution.
• Cost analysis: Estimated production costs and revenue.
• Marketing your online courses (time permitting)
• Q&A session

The presentation aims to answer the following questions:

• Are my books good candidates for elearning?
• I already have ebooks, why should I care about elearning?
• Is this a good way to build readership opportunities?
• How do I get started?
• What is an elearning marketplace?
• What is an LMS?
• What self-hosting options are best?
• Should I host courses myself, use a marketplace, or use an LMS?
• Do I need special software or skills to prepare my courses?
• How much money can I make?
• What will it cost to break into the market?

About Deltina –

Deltina Hay is the Director of Technology and Elearning Development at Elearning Delta. She is a programmer, web developer, software aficionado, writer, teacher, digital strategist, and instructional designer.

For nearly 30 years, Deltina has helped businesses of all sizes with their custom programming, database management, web development, search optimization, and social media marketing. Some of her past clients include Real Simple Magazine, Nestle Toll House, Victoria’s Secret, H-E-B, Kraft, Hachette Books, RaceWorldTV, and the University of Missouri.

In 2001, Deltina founded Dalton Publishing. The company published and distributed the monthly magazine, Creative Pulse, and released 20 titles by 16 authors—many of them award-winning books. Dalton Publishing gained international distribution in 2006. Deltina served as the chair of the IBPA board of directors from 2013 to 2015.

Deltina is the author of three books on social media, the mobile web, and search optimization. Her first book, The Social Media Survival Guide, is used as a textbook in colleges and universities all over the world.

For the past five years, Deltina has applied her diverse skill set to the education industry. She developed and taught the graduate-level social media certificate program for Drury University, and has designed and developed social media, digital marketing, mobile marketing, and search optimization certification programs for several online colleges and training sites, including Udemy for Business, 360Training, Meditec, and WorldEducation. Her online courses have helped over 20,000 students find success online.

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