Dana Lynn Smith - How to Launch and Market Your BookIn this information-packed program you’ll learn how to sell more books by developing an effective book marketing plan that’s customized for you, your book and your market.

From building your author platform, to planning your book launch, to scheduling ongoing promotions, you’ll get practical advice for creating a marketing plan that works. Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why it’s so important to start building your author platform before publication (and the best ways to do it)
  • How to define multiple target audiences for your book
  • 22 ways to promote nonfiction books (and which ones are most important)
  • The best ways to get your book discovered on Amazon
  • The pros and cons of using Amazon’s KDP Select program (and how to maximize its effectiveness)
  • Steps to planning your online and live book launch
  • How to get paid for promoting your book

You’ll also get a handout filled with valuable resources for creating and implementing your marketing plan.

Dana Lynn Smith, the Savvy Book Marketer, teaches authors and indie publishers how to sell more books and earn more money from their publishing business. Drawing on her 19 years of experience in the book publishing business and degree in marketing, Dana develops author training programs, including the Sell More Nonfiction Books program. Her how-to guidebooks teach authors how to get book reviews, organize virtual book tours, and more. Free resources for authors include a blog, a weekly podcast, and the Nonfiction Book Marketing Tips newsletter, available at www.TheSavvyBookMarketer.com. For more book marketing tips, follow @BookMarketer on Twitter.