It’s true! You have an important story, message, lesson, and method to share with the world. And someone is waiting to read your book, learn from it, and follow your directions to a better professional or personal life.

Whether you are writing your first book or next book, you will learn something new as Cindy Tschosik presents the “Insider’s Secrets to “Write Your Perfect Book!” Finishing your manuscript is just one of the phases to celebrate. Cindy will uncover her best tips and most common answers to questions asked about book teams, book strategy, content organization, content development, roadblocks, writing flow and celebrating.

Published authors command more respect, recognition, and revenue when they publish their books. For every trial we have survived, someone else is experiencing it right now, and they need you to be their hero so they can survive and thrive like you. Let’s get started with the best education NFAA offers, so you can make well-informed decisions for your best-fit. Come learn the “Insider’s Secrets to Write Your Perfect Book!”


Are you looking to write your first or next book? Cindy Tschosik is a professional speaker, book coach, ghostwriter, developmental editor, and a proud member of Nonfiction Author’s Association. Cindy is a key co-author in Called to Lead: Success Strategies for Women and “The Perfect Book Checklist.” When Cindy is not working with authors on their books, she teaches audiences how to “Connect the Dots to Achieve Mental Wellness Every Day.” Cindy is a member of several writing and speaking associations. To rejuvenate her creativity, she loves hiking, quilting, traveling, and spending time with her husband, three teens, Roxie, the bow-wearing cockapoopoo, and wine-ing with friends. Learn more at