Why sell your book one at a time when you can sell them by the box or trunk load? Charmaine will share some simple strategies on how to find sponsors who will buy your books in bulk, how to double your sales at book signings with a simple BOGO strategy, and how to use interesting holidays and observances to promote flash bulk sales.

About Charmaine Hammond –

Charmaine Hammond, CSP, has been in the business of changing lives and raising dreams for more than 25 years through teaching the principles of collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship.

As a Certified Speaking Professional (one of the 12% of speakers worldwide who hold this designation), bestselling author, and professional speaker, she has had tremendous success in finding corporate sponsors to fund her printing, graphic design, venues, travel, media, technology, hotels, even her pet food and dog poop bags!

Through experiences like her speaking and book tour, Million Acts of Kindness, she has developed sponsorship relationships with hundreds of companies.

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