cathey armillas how to rock a ted talkHave you been thinking about giving a TED Talk but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’re not sure how to get selected, let alone how to prepare and deliver the talk.

If you want to get invited to give a TED Talk, it’s critical to understand the format and why TED Talks are different than any other type of presentations.

In this session, you’ll learn from an insider on…

  • The differences between a professional speech and a TED Talk (and why it’s not what you think)
  • How to get invited to give a TED Talk
  • What organizers looking for and what turns them off instantly
  • The 10 essential elements of a powerful TED Talk and how to use them in your preparation
  • How to get your idea across in 18 minutes

As an organizer and speaking coach for TEDxPortland and TEDx speaker herself; you’ll get Cathey’s insider secrets to help you get, prepare and deliver a powerful TED Talk.

Cathey Armillas is an organizer for TEDxPortland (one of the largest and long-standing TEDx events in the world). She has given a TEDx Talk herself and is a professional speaker. She’s also a TEDx coach; helping celebrities, veterans, industry experts and people with good ideas deliver the best presentations of their lives. She knows all three parts of TED…getting, preparing and delivering the talk. For more information:, @puramarketing.