Nonfiction Writers Conference


Teresa de Grosbois – Create Your Bestseller in 2018

This intensive session will give you the full picture you need to put your book on the bestseller lists and, ultimately, make a bid for New York Times.  You will learn: Two ways top authors use to unlock writer’s block & finish your book The two keys that get...

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Connie Ragan Green – Website and Content Marketing

Connie Ragen Green shares how to use a website and blog to build a following and a platform for your books. You will learn: - How to set up your site to attract potential readers and buyers - Why you must build a following of readers and others hungry for your...

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Patrick Schwerdtfeger – Platform Speaking

Over the course of two years, Patrick Schwerdtfeger sold over 6,000 copies of his book "Webify Your Business" at local mostly-free speaking engagements (including Meetups, Rotary Club meetings and Chambers of Commerce events).  Those sales generated over $120,000 in...

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Tina Dietz – Marketing With Podcasts & Audiobooks

Audiobook sales are growing 3X faster than any other type of publishing. In 2015 alone, 1.5 million more audiobooks were downloaded than ebooks. Every week, 33% of Americans listen to podcasts weekly. It's time for you to use these powerful platforms to grow your...

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Dennis Yu – Paid Advertising

Why most authors fail horribly at promoting their book and how to get traction You already know that when you're "done" writing, the work to promote is just beginning.  You might have your book tour, speaking, guest interviews, related articles you're publishing, and...

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Sandra Beckwith – How to Build Your Book Marketing Plan

Map Out Your Ultimate Book Marketing Plan A book marketing plan is your map to success as an author. Without a plan, you’ll be tempted to take the wrong fork in the road, or – even worse – not even start your book marketing journey. The book marketing planning process...

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Jim Horan – Marketing to Build Your Author Business

Jim Horan is an experienced Fortune 500 executive, small business expert, advisor to non-profits, consultant, author/publisher and speaker.  Currently, he is the President/CEO of The One Page Business Plan Company. Twenty-three years ago, Jim did something incredibly...

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