Nonfiction Writers Conference

2018 FALL Speakers

Deltina Hay – Design and Host Your Own Online Courses

Elearning is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. For authors and publishers, this is a unique opportunity to tap into an additional revenue stream. This presentation introduces authors and publishers to the elearning market, and outlines how they can use...

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Joseph Alexander – 7-Figure Niche Publishing (Really!)

If you want to earn a living from writing, this session will show you how creating website content and niche books can lead to a highly profitable author-publisher business., a music education site that offers free instructional videos and...

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Stephanie Chandler – Launch That Book!

Sell More Books with Pre-Sale Campaigns, Beta Readers, and Amazon Ads Many writers publish their books before realizing how important it is to have a marketing plan ready before the book is released into the wild. Avoid this mistake with your next book by planning a...

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