Casey Demchak – 5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy

Award-winning copywriter and consultant Casey Demchak has written the book marketing copy for over three dozen books that have become Amazon bestsellers.Casey Demchak – 5 Secrets to Writing Bestseller Book Marketing Copy

He is widely recognized as an expert in teaching authors how to leverage benefit-driven copywriting techniques that motivate readers to buy books.

During this session, Casey details why writing dynamic marketing copy is vital to the success of your book launch and long-term promotion campaign. He also reveals five easy-to-implement sales writing secrets that will empower you to …

  1. Create benefit-driven headlines that hook and engage your audience
  2. Focus your copy on what readers will get out of your book – benefits and takeaways!
  3. Paint “solution pictures” with your words that establish you as an authority
  4. Develop “at-a-glance” friendly marketing copy that attracts readers instantly
  5. Create a subhead sequence that entices people to read your copy – instead of just skim it.

Plus, Casey will include one BONUS writing tip that is pivotal to the long-term success of your book marketing campaign.

Casey Demchak is an award-winning copywriter and a proven expert at writing compelling marketing materials for dozens of authors who have earned Amazon bestseller and international bestseller status.

He is best known for his innovative approach to creating Core Message Platforms that serve as the “master messaging document” for your book. In addition, Casey has been the copywriter on seven marketing communication projects that have won American Advertising Awards.

You can learn more about Casey at

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