Learn the steps it takes to successfully finish your book, market it, produce it, and launch your book to an audience of enthusiastic readers.


Many authors believe that publishing your book is simply about getting your book designed, formatted, and uploaded to stores, so it’s no wonder the average book sells only 200 copies. You can do much better than that by following a proven process to connect with your community of readers, to attract the attention of influencers, build a platform, and produce your book following a plan all the way through to book launch day and beyond.

In this workshop, Carla will guide you through the steps to meet that exciting book launch day having made smart decisions along the journey about what you can do yourself and what you must hire out. You need this information whether you’re aiming for an agent and a traditional publishing deal, plan to publish independently, want to hire a concierge service, or hand your book off to a reputable custom or hybrid press.

Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • To create a book launch plan with an achievable timeline.
  • The number of steps from manuscript to published book.
  • What you need to do yourself and what you can hire out.
  • The range of fees to expect from start to finish.
  • The importance of editing and design, and ways to help you cut costs.
  • About an easier and much more fun look at book marketing.
  • How to create a readership for your book.
  • How and when to prepare for book publicity.
  • Tools for creating a welcoming home base for your book online.
  • How to deliver advance reader copies to get testimonials.
  • A sure-fire way to get five-star reviews on launch day.
This workshop will empower you to take action now. You’ll be able to move tasks you can’t (or shouldn’t) do to the pros and work on gathering a readership and influencer tribe so you launch to an enthusiastic audience. Join us, and learn which way to turn at each crossroads in your publishing journey.


Carla King is an adventure travel author, journalist, blogger, speaker, as well as a writing and publishing coach. With a long background in technical writing and motorcycle journalism, she has justifiably been called a geek in the words of publishing, computing, and powersports.

Way back in 1995, Carla pioneered the art and technology of the travel blog with dispatches from her solo motorcycle journey around the USA on a cranky Russian sidecar motorcycle. Subsequent trips on unreliable indigenous motorcycles took her to India, China, Europe, Mexico, and Africa.

Since she self-published her first book in 1994, Carla has turned down multiple offers by agents and traditional publishing companies, including for her Self-Publishing Guide for Independent Authors, which is now in its fifth edition.

Carla’s company, Misadventures Media, is the home of her Self-Publishing Boot Camp online courses, Destination Published author coaching, and an Adventure Writers Conference. She also runs a variety of workshops and masterclasses that help groups of authors navigate the writing and publishing journey.

Carla recently joined the Authority Publishing team to help nonfiction authors get quality done-for-you publishing.

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