The use of Artificial Intelligence exploded when ChatGPT launched its beta November 30, 2022. Since then, companies have been developing tools to help author, outline, brainstorm, market, and optimize the writing and promotion tasks. Do they work? Which ones are good for what? 

  • Should you consider using AI tools? The controversy about AI risks and rewards. Can you opt out? Would you even want to?
  • Which tools are good for what? – writing, outlining, marketing, SEO, blogging, summarizing, editing, websites, images, and more!
  • Embracing AI. How to “talk” to AI so it gives good results.

Learn about ChatGPT and the other tools that build on GPT by combining search and editing interfaces and other features. Find out how you can streamline and improve your writing by using AI as a writing partner for brainstorming, research, fact checking, outlining, overcoming writers block, reimagining case-studies and providing intros and conclusions for your chapters, blog posts, and articles. Developers have jumped on the AI bandwagon to offer you tools to make your life easier. Which ones are right for you right now? 

Carla King is the founder of Self-Publishing Boot Camp, a series of educational books, online courses, and workshops that empower independent authors to finish, market, and publish their books. A former technical writer, Carla’s mission is to demystify the tech tools that make publishing easier.

Carla self-published her first book, a guidebook to bicycling the South of France, in 1995. In 2008, when the self-publishing industry exploded, she started reviewing all the new tech tools for authors. She penned a monthly column on self-publishing at PBS and was also an early contributor to the IngramSpark blog, where she authored three publishing guides and sat on the advisory board.

In addition to the travel guide, a memoir and two anthologies, Carla has published eight books on self-publishing. Her free Consumer’s Guide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers reviews the tools, products, and services that help authors independently publish. The 5th edition of her Self-Publishing Boot Camp Guide for Independent Authors is a meticulous step-by-step how-to guide.

Carla also teaches the Book Publishing Master Course for the Nonfiction Authors Association.

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