Bill Corbett - How to Fill Your Speaking Calendar and Sell More BooksNow that you’ve written a nonfiction book to help others in life or at work, don’t let it collect dust or expect it to sell itself. Consider yourself an expert in your field and take what you know to the stage (or at least to the front of the room). I’ll show you how to take what’s in your book and turn it into opportunities to reach more people with short talks to develop yourself as a speaker.

In this information packed session you’ll learn how to find small and large audiences to bring your message to groups who need to hear what you have to say. And after they hear you speak, they will flock to your sales table or online bookstores to buy your books. Don’t let your message end with your book, step up, get noticed, and bring it to those who need to hear it now.

About our speaker:

Bill Corbett is an award winning professional speaker who has stood on stages across the country since 1995. He has given everything from brief lectures to keynote speeches to multi-day training events, and is a highly sought after regular contributor to network television affiliates. He is a former talk radio show host on the Clear Channel network and produces and hosts two television shows that he developed as part of his marketing plan, directly from his books.

Bill is an award-winning author of eight books and eBooks, and recently published the book FROM THE SOAPBOX TO THE STAGE: HOW TO USE YOUR PASSION TO START A SPEAKING BUSINESS. He writes a syndicated column and provides coaching to individuals who aspire to develop their speaking business skills. Bill has been selected as the keynote speaker at a large national conference in Holland, scheduled for September 2015. You can learn more about him and his book at

***This session was originally scheduled to be delivered by Dan Poynter, a long-time friend to the Nonfiction Writers Conference. Unfortunately, Dan is recovering from a bad fall and will not be able to join us this year. We send him our best wishes and look forward to welcoming him back to our speaker roster in 2016! We also greatly appreciate Bill Corbett for stepping in to cover this slot. Bill has tremendous experience and content and will not disappoint!