Writing a book is a big project. But it doesn’t need to be a neverending one. And it certainly doesn’t need to be a struggle. There are real tricks of the trade that can make the writing easier and strongerand you a more effective (and happier) writer. If you’re ready to stop the angst, write productively, and finish that book you’re working onyou’ll want to attend this workshop.  

Attendees will learn:  

  • Why writing a book is different from other types of writing (and why that realization is important) 
  • Five things you should know about your book before you start writing 
  • The true source of writer’s block and how to eliminate it 
  • The difference between productivity and output 
  • How to maintain your momentum and finish your book 

Beth Brand, a certified ghostwriter and book coach, guides clients through the bookwriting process at the level of support they want. Specializing in nonfiction, shes helped authors produce works that have won industry awards, reached the top of bestseller lists, and most importanthave become treasured by readers. She’s also authored two books of her ownCommunity Action at Work (an agency history) and The Real Dope on Dealing with an Addict (self-help book)To learn more about ghostwriting, book coaching, and Beth, go to www.bethbrand.com

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