Everybody loves a sale—including your readers. Take advantage of that fact to get your books into the hands of the right readers.

Used strategically, discounts and sales can be a valuable part of your marketing plan. But it’s not enough to simply drop the price and wait for the best-seller tag. In this session, we’ll look at the elements of a successful discount promotion.

  • The three key variables for any book promotion
  • Free and paid tactics for promoting your book’s sale
  • How to track your results and measure success

We’ll cover real-world examples of successful nonfiction book price promotions. Join us to learn how to use short-term discounts to generate long-term results.

Anne Janzer is an award-winning author, business writing coach, armchair cognitive science geek, marketing practitioner, and blogger. She’s on a mission to help people spread important ideas through writing. She’s author of four books, including The Writer’s Process and Writing to Be Understood. You can find her writing and online classes at annejanzer.com.

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