Anne JanzerYou’ve published your book. Now, how do you get the book in front of large numbers of readers? How do you build sales, reviews, and visibility? One effective strategy is lowering the price for a few days to generate a bump in sales.

In this session, author and book coach Anne Janzer shares tested strategies and approaches for taking your book to the next level with discount promotions. You will learn:

  • How discounts support a powerful launch
  • How to reinvigorate sales of older books with occasional promotions
  • How to choose the right promotion sites for your book (Bargain Booksy, BookBub, and others)
  • How to use short-term sales to boost your book’s visibility on Amazon

Whether you’re just launching or have a string of titles you want to energize, you’ll come away from this session with practical tips and strategies you can use to maximize your book’s exposure and reach a wider audience.


Anne Janzer is a nonfiction book coach and the author of six books about writing and marketing. With a background in marketing, she constantly experiments with book promotion, and loves to share those findings with other authors. Her writing books explore the science and practices behind successful writing, and include The Writer’s Process, Writing to Be Understood, and Get the Word Out.