Bailey Davis

Building Your Business on Solid Rock: Sales, Then Distribution

Many publishers think they need a distributor in order to be successful; that being distributed is the means to a successful end. In reality, finding a distribution partner is the end publishers should be utilizing other means to get to. Being distributed isn’t what makes a publishing business successful, it’s what publishing business needs once it becomes successful. To find a distribution partner, you must first hone skills that help you play the same game as the publishers already being distributed. Why does this matter? Because distributors expect their clients to be on a level playing field when they walk in the door. This means coming in with a marketing strategy, learning and taking advantage of pre-sale options, and maintaining relationships with outside vendors. Join Bailey Davis from Ingram Content Group to learn more.

Bailey Davis helps lead the newly formed Publisher Engagement team at Ingram Content Group. While Bailey started her career at Ingram in the Customer Service department, she quickly moved into a sales position, working with Independent Publishers.  In this role, she educated and assisted mid-sized publishers in how best to utilize Ingram’s POD, digital and global distribution services to maximize their revenue.  She also led efforts to build programs and services specifically designed for our Independent publishers. Now, as Ingram’s Publisher Engagement Specialist, Bailey continues to find new and better ways to communicate and interact with all publishers.  Focusing on the customer experience, she designs publisher facing training, education and events and works with internal product teams to build products and services that our publishers need and want.

Bailey received her B.A. degree in English from Middle Tennessee State University and is now enrolled in the MBA program there.

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