Ally Nathaniel - Productivity for WritersHow to Get Your Non-Fiction Book Done In 5 Months or Less

Find what the 5 writing productivity secrets that will help you get your book done are, and what differentiates prolific authors form others.


In this session, Ally will discuss how writers can get to the finish line with ease, by adopting five simple productivity habits.

About Ally Nathaniel

Ally Nathaniel is a #1 bestselling author. She sold over 40,000 copies of her first book and topped Amazon for 16 weeks straight. All the books Ally promoted reached #1 best-seller status in their categories. Ally was also invited by Amazon to be a panelist and lead their social media campaign “Lunch with Authors.”

Ally Nathaniel, “The Women’s #1 Publisher” coaches women who want to make a difference on how to write, publish and market their book so they can change the world.

Ally delivers high-impact motivational and transformational techniques to women, so they can overcome held-back patterns, write a book, and make an impact.

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