Alicia DalePANEL: How to Get Your Book Across the Finish Line

In this lively session, our panel of experienced writers will discuss proven tips and strategies for outlining, planning, and writing your manuscript faster and more efficiently. We will also discuss how to know when your manuscript is finished and ready for publication. Audience Q&A is encouraged.



Alicia Dale has collaborated with authors on over 10 nonfiction manuscripts, some of which have been traditionally published and self-published. She has also assisted with many writing projects and creative endeavors. Alicia authors two newsletters — Creative Transformations, published on LinkedIn, and Nonfiction Notes a monthly subscriber-based newsletter. Alicia is also a podcast host on The Future of Community and Business. Prior to adding ghostwriter to her portfolio of skills, Alicia held several professional positions at Fortune 500 companies before establishing her first company, FullCircle Management (FCM), in the year 2000. Her business skill easily translates into writing ghostwriting manuscripts for Leaders, Lawyers, and Change Makers. Alicia has written on topics including leadership, personal injury law, health care engineering, holistic health care, positive relationships, and business operations. Alicia is also a book reviewer for the Nonfiction Authors Association. Her work has taken her to four continents, 14 countries and 31 of the United States including D.C. She is a long-term member of the Association of Ghostwriters and the Nonfiction Authors Association. You can find more information about Alicia here: