2021 Handouts

Nathan Agin – AGIN_Double Your Audience with Audiobooks

Beth Brand – BRAND_Book Prep Work and BRAND_Writing Crafts & Productivity Secrets (slides)

Stephanie Chandler – CHANDLER_How to Host Webinars and Online Events, CHANDLER_Zoom Webinar Setup and Tips and CHANDLER_Online Events and Profits – NFWC (slides)

Dave ChessonCHESSON_Getting Your Book Discovered on Amazon (slides)

Marissa Eigenbrood – EIGENBROOD_Facebook101, EIGENBROOD_LinkedIn101, and EIGENBROOD_Website Tips for Nonfiction Authors

Rob FitzpatrickFITZPATRICK_Six-Figure Nonfiction Via Organic Growth (slides)

Drew GerberGERBER_Facebook Book Marketing – Does It Make Cents (slides)

Jenn T. Grace – GRACE_9 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Publisher and GRACE_Book Cost Blueprint and GRACE_Choose Your Publishing Path – Traditional, Self or Hybrid (slides)

Carla KingKING_Compelled-to-Click: How to Turn Readers and Influencers Into Subscribers, Beta Readers, and Reviewers With Surveys, KING_All Systems Go – Your Foundation to Automated Book Marketing, KING_A Linear Look at Book Tech – Infographic and KING_Prepare-to-Publish (slides)

Nicole Krug – KRUG_How to Drive Traffic to Your Author Website (slides)

Donna MariaMARIA_Membership Business Strategy for Nonfiction Writers


Special content from our VIP sponsor, Lulu.com

Enjoy these goodies provided by Chelsea Bennett, Brand Ambassador for Lulu.

Getting Started – all the info you need to publish on Lulu

Selling Direct with a Print API – an overview of Lulu’s print API

How to Set Up Your Bookstore with Lulu xPress and Shopify – a complete walkthrough of the Shopify app