Keynote Speaker Guy Kawasaki

Keynote Speaker Guy Kawasaki

Sessions Include:

Dan Poynter – Book Promotion 2013

Guy Kawasaki – Self-Publishing for APES: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

Mark Coker – The Ebook Revolution (Founder of Smashwords)

Carla King – The Writing Process for Nonfiction Books

Michael Larsen – A Literary Agent’s Perspective on How to Get a Book Deal

Dana Lynn Smith – How to Sell More Books on Amazon

Patrick Schwerdtfeger – Keynote Mastery: Break in to Professional Speaking

Joanna Penn – Turn Your Ideas into Cash: How to Create and Sell Multi-Media Information Products

Maryanna Young – Corporate Sponsors: How to Attract Endorsement Deals

Sandra Beckwith – DIY Public Relations (PR) for Authors

Brad Phillips – Media Training for Authors

Melinda Emerson – How to Be a Social Media Ninja

Chris Garrett – Blogging for Authors

David Garland – How to Build a Passionate Fan Base with Your Own Web Show or Podcast Series

Stephanie Chandler – Own Your Niche Online: Build Your Platform and Sell More Books

Feedback from Twitter:

Just finished 3 intensive days of WOW! during the Non Fiction Writers Conference, thanks to @bizauthor. Great investment!

Nonfiction Writers Conference -3 days of outstanding presentations for writers, speakers, & social “mediapreneurs” – Thank you!#NFWC

beyond awesome, beyond WOW. Best conference ever!

Thank you for the wonderful #nfwc. BEYOND my expectations 100%!

WOW…x/infinite! First NFWC; Mind BLOWN; have the plans to keep moving forward; Excited; Looking forward already to next year! TY!

I am moved to action and thrilled with the last 3 days. THANK YOU.

It was excellent! kept me glued to my computer for 3 days!

Conference in a Box – BARGAIN PRICE: $99

Includes recordings and transcripts from all sessions.

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