2012 Handouts

Several of our speakers have provided handouts for attendees to download (most in PDF format). Many of theseHandouts from the Nonfiction Writers Conference will be helpful to have handy while attending the speaker’s presentation.

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Bill Belew – Belew – 4 Keys to Get Serious Traffic

Peter Bowerman – Bowerman-Well-Fed-Writer-Handout

Stephanie Chandler – Chandler – Own-Your-Niche-for-Authors-Handout

Mark Coker – Coker – Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success

Jim Horan – Horan – Worksheet – What will you do at what price

Jim Horan – Horan – 29 Really Stupid Things Consultants Do to Kill Business Opportunities_2012

Jim Horan – Horan – Sample One Page Business Plan_Non-Fiction Author

John Kremer – Kremer – Create a Bestseller

D’vorah Lansky – Lansky – Everything-You-Want-to-Know-About-Virtual Book Tours

Michael Larsen – Larsen – Parts of a Proposal 1 12

Michae Larsen – Larsen – 9 Ways to Find the Agent You Need 11 11

Michael Larsen – Larsen – 9 Options for Publishing Your Book 11 11

Michael Larsen – Larsen – 8 Steps to Getting an Agent 11 11

Michael Larsen – Larsen – 6 sisters 11 11

Karl Palachuk – Palachuk 1 – Info Product Ideas

Karl Palachuk – Palachuk 2 – Eco

Karl Palachuk – Palachuk 3 – Tools for Info Products

Roger C. Parker – Parker – Book Writing Resources


Dan Poynter – Poynter – 116 Book Covers Work Sheet

Dan Poynter – Resources from Dan Poynter

Penny Sansevieri – Sansevieri – Fans Friends Worksheet 2doc

Dana Lynn Smith – Smith – Book Marketing Plan

Late Bonus: Mark Coker Smashwords Powerpoint

Download all the handouts together in one compressed file here: NFWC Handouts 2012 

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