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The Fall Nonfiction Writers Conference, featuring the theme “Marketing Mastery for Authors,” happens November 9th & 10th, 2017. This event is completely virtual; attendees participate via phone or Skype. Speakers for NFWC FallCon 2017 include:

  • Jim Horan – Opening Keynote: Ready for Your Author Business to Get Easy?
  • Sandra Beckwith – Build Your Book Marketing Plan
  • Connie Ragan Green – Website Secrets and Content Marketing for Authors
  • Joan Stewart, Book Hooks – Fun, Timely, Creative Angles to Publicize Your Book
  • Dennis Yu – Facebook Marketing for Authors
  • Stephanie Chandler – Advanced Book Marketing Tactics That Get Results
  • Patrick Schwerdtfeger – Keynote Gold: Speaking to Sell More Books
  • Tina Dietz – Marketing with Podcasts and Audio Books

The Nonfiction Writers Conference is brought to you by the Nonfiction Authors Association, an educational community for experienced and aspiring writers. If you’re ready to accelerate your author career, pull up a seat on your couch and join us for this powerful event! Details and registration:


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The Nonfiction Writers Conference FallCon event happens 11/9 & 10. Grab your seat! #NFWC

Great speaker line-up for the Nonfiction Writers Conference 11/9 & 10. Join us! #NFWC

Struggling to promote your book? Join us for the Nonfiction Writers Conference Nov 9-10. #NFWC

Writing a book? Join us for the Nonfiction Writers Conference Nov 9-10. #NFWC

The Nonfiction Writers Conference returns Nov 9&10. It’s virtual – attend from your couch! #NFWC

Learn book promotion strategies from top speakers at the Nonfiction Writers Conference 11/9-10. #NFWC



NFWC is the best investment I make each year in my nonfiction author career. The caliber and accessibility of the presenters is unusually high, the topics well chosen and diverse, and I can honestly say that at least half of the presentations would have been worth the cost of the whole conference alone.”
– Mary Shafer, Devastation on the Delaware,

“Where else can you gain so much valuable information in so little time? I’ve attended Non-Fiction Writers Conference three years running and it has been well worth my time every year.
– Karyn J. Taylor, Editor: TWO STEPS FROM GLORY: A World War II Liaison Pilot Confronts Jim Crow and the Enemy in the South Pacific by Maj. Welton I. Taylor, Ph.D.

“The Non-Fiction Writers E-Conference is a wonderful event! I’ve attended many in-person writers conferences over the years at considerable expense. It was great to be able to be at home in my office and just participate in the sessions that most interested me — at a very reasonable cost!
– Doreen Pendgracs, Author of “Chocolatour: A Quest for the World’s Best Chocolate,”

This conference was GREAT! You provided tremendous value at an affordable cost. I couldn’t be more delighted. This was the information I needed, at this exact time in order to take my book to the next level. I’ve attended about a half-dozen $550 writing conferences in person–fortunately very close to my home so I could commute and save hotel costs. Hands down, yours was the best! Thank you.”
– Rob Oberto

“Thanks to the quality and variety of speakers, this is one of the most valuable conferences I’ve attended—online or off.
—Candace Johnson, freelance editor,

The NFWC always delivers—tools, resources, and inspiration! It’s an incredible value. After the three-day conference, I feel energized and confident.”
– Laura Hedgecock, author of “Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life”



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